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If you are interested in installing the best screens at the lowest prices and are looking for protection screens in Riyadh or Jeddah of all kinds at the best and cheapest prices for screens on the patios of villas, homes, and houses, Dunya installs screens while providing a comprehensive guarantee on the implementation and installation of the best high-quality screens and their installation within a short time. We install screens of all types commensurate with the extent of the customers’ financial budget and according to what the customer wants from the types of screens available to us with the strongest specifications of the screens, starting with the metal structure and ending with the precise installation.

Installing screens at the best prices and highest specifications

With us, you will get the installation of screens with the best screen designs and the possibility of choosing different and distinctive types and shapes, including the following types of screens:-

Slatted iron screens.

Braided iron screens.

Wooden blinds.

Transparent curtains for Lexan.

Shinko sheet screens.

Wrought iron screens.

Wooden plastic screens.

PVC fabric screens.

All types of screens available with us are characterised by high-quality specifications. The most important features of our screens are the following:-

Features of berms at the Riyadh Foundation

The screens are distinguished by their high quality in terms of their elegant shape and dazzling and secure design. They are also distinguished by their strength of endurance and the splendor of their shape. They are also characterized by the ability to withstand various weather factors, such as heat, wind, and rain. We also provide them in beautiful and different shapes, including braided wooden screens and sliced wooden screens, and they come in the most beautiful shapes to It is suitable for all garden walls, houses, and villas. It shades the place perfectly and is resistant to all external factors that surround it.

Installation of screens and screens for villa courtyards

We install villa screens at the best screen prices. We also provide installation services in all cities and regions of the Kingdom with the finest and best international specifications. We provide our customers with all blacksmithing services, including installation of screens, awnings, and hangars, whether for public projects or

Private projects or government projects, and all of this is done according to the required and specified spaces, and the work is carried out with precision and professionalism, by the most skilled engineers, and the wooden screens add charming and aesthetic touches to the place in which they are installed.

Specifications of berms

  1. It is characterized by strong endurance and high durability.
  2. It is not susceptible to cracking, breakage, decay, and rust.
  3. Available in many different thicknesses.
  4. It is painted using colors that match the wood exactly.
  5. They are installed using modern engineering methods and modern technologies.
  6. Colours of high quality and stability that do not change over time.
  7. The curtain is painted with high-quality colors.

The most important advantages of installing screens in Riyadh

Installing the best powerful protection screens with many features, including:

  1. Prevents rainwater from entering.
  2. It obscures vision to a high degree.
  3. Its wonderful shapes suggest sophistication, precision, and beauty.
  4. It comes in more than 10 colors.
  5. It gives complete privacy inside the house.
  6. It can be installed as a dividing line between men and women.
  7. Resists various weather factors.
  8. Insulates extreme heat.
  9. Blocks harmful sunlight.

Types of Barriers in Riyadh

Cloth screens

Installing high-quality fabric screens, as is done through two types: PVC fabric screens and polyethylene fabric screens, fabric screens are very suitable for villas and houses, and you can also move the screens from one place to another with ease and ease, according to the customer’s desire, as it is easy. Disassembly and installation.

Advantages of fabric screens

  1. Fabric screens are available in many colors.
  2. Screens are distinguished by their wonderful modern shapes.
  3. These barriers block the view by 100%.
  4. The prices of these screens are suitable for customers.
  5. These screens are not annoying and do not make any sound.
  6. Berms are not affected by fluctuations in various weather factors.
  7. Fabric screens are considered the cheapest among the types of screens.

Screens are considered a necessity as they represent an essential part of customers’ needs. Screens are designed through engineering studies in order to increase their lifespan. We also give information to all customers about screens before starting to install them, so that the customer is fully informed of all Different types and shapes of berms.

Wooden screens

Wooden screens are installed using appropriate installation methods, and this is done after taking all the measurements and determining the required space in which the screen will be installed, by using advanced welding machines to ensure that the screens are maintained to remain tight and not distorted. We also use the best and finest types of paint, which is paint. resistant.

Australian polyethylene fabric screens

Polyethylene screens are installed by a distinguished work team, who implement all designs of polyethylene screens in beautiful colors and also with the most beautiful and innovative geometric shapes. Among the features of polyethylene screens are the following:

  1. The number of colors exceeds 35.
  2. The price is inexpensive and very cheap.
  3. It protects against rainwater.
  4. It completely blocks vision.
  5. Protect from sunlight.
  6. Reflects ultraviolet rays.
  7. Fire and combustion resistant.
  8. Prevents fire and combustion.
  9. It allows air to pass through very little.

Iron screens

We provide iron screens of various leading types and shapes from Al Baraka Foundation, Riyadh, according to the customer’s request. Some iron screens are in the form of sectors, including a table and another shape, Shinko. The iron screens are formed in an organized manner so that they eventually mature in a beautiful and useful way to protect the fences. Villas, houses, palace fences, and houses. Iron screens are considered the most popular types in terms of use and abundance in the Kingdom. This affects the quality and strength and its demand for weather fluctuations and does not have a long lifespan of up to 10 years or more. Iron screens are acquired at the cheapest and lowest financial cost to the customer.

Advantages of iron barriers

The colors of iron screens are many and different according to the customer’s request. It is characterized by the stability of its color, which has not been worn for ten years without any fluctuations. As mentioned previously, it has remained as it is for many years without repair or maintenance being done to it. It is also characterized by a limited cost, so its value is within everyone’s reach and suitable for everyone. Social.

Wooden plastic screens

This type of screen has already become distinguished, as it has become available to suit the bad climatic conditions and factors in Saudi Arabia. This is suitable for the exterior designs of homes, houses, and gardens, where plastic screens come in different shapes and types, including iron screens of circular shape and direct shape, as well as glass sections, as well. Wide, diverse, and modern ranges with diverse shapes and less expensive prices.

Advantages of plastic wood screens

  1. Stainless steel cooking appliances made of stainless steel.
  2. They are designed in different shapes, sizes, and dimensions.
  3. It can be designed in all colors.
  4. Premium grade empress blocks harmful rays of the sun.
  5. Resistance to all-natural factors, including wind and heat
  6. It is characterized by durability and strength.
  7. Blocks solar rays.
  8. Its prices are suitable for customers.

How to install screens

We detail the iron screens in our workshop, then we make a two-sided base paint. The first side is an anti-rust primer paint, and the second side is the color specified by the customer. After that, we move to the installation site, and then install the posts in order. After that, we carry out the process of painting the place of welding and installing the screens so that The curtain protects it from rust or decay, as we paint it in the color that the customer chooses, and it is installed in different sizes depending on the area of the curtain.

Al Baraka Foundation in Riyadh works to select the best and finest specifications of the works, starting with iron, pillars, Lebanon, fixing bolts, the metal structure of the curtain, and the quality of paints or the thermal oven, which are designed with high quality and amazing speed in installation in a solid and stable form that is resistant to strong winds, rain, and dust.

Al Baraka Foundation’s services include the work and installation of all blacksmithing works, including awnings, screens, pergolas, grilles, hangars, and tiles.

From our other works

Installing yard screens.

Installing fabric screens.

Installing iron fences.

Installing car awnings.

Covering swimming pools with wood.

Lexan umbrellas.

Mobile umbrellas.

Villa awnings.

School umbrellas.

Wooden screens.

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