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How Much Does Garage Door Installation Cost?

Installing and replacing garage doors surely cost a fortune, however, it boosts property value and the appearance of the home. Depending on the material and style, each door comes with a different price tag. Various factors influence the final garage door installation cost. 

The house needs to be in tip-top condition to increase the resale value. Having a new, working garage door improves energy efficiency and the home’s curb appeal. Understanding the pricing will help you set aside the budget for a new garage door. Moreover, a property owner can call a garage door company to get an accurate estimate.

How Much Does Garage Door Installation Cost?

The national average cost for the installation of a garage door runs around $1200. Depending on multiple factors, the cost will start as low as $260 and goes up to $2300. Luckily, a property owner has some control over the final price, simply select a simple garage door to stay within the budget. 

Additionally, labor costs for a garage door installation are quite reasonable, roughly $300 on average. Generally, DIY installation for garage doors is not advised due to the complexity of the job.

Here is a breakdown of garage door installation costs based on size, type, material, and a number of doors.

Size of Garage Door – Installing a door for a larger garage is fairly expensive. The overall cost depends on the size of the door and the material used. 

  • 8′ x 7′ – Single-car garage doors cost around $400 to $900.
  • 16′ x 7′ – Double-car garage doors are more expensive costing $650 to $3500.

Garage Door Types – Garage doors come in a variety of styles depending on how they open and close. Each type of door requires a certain type of additional hardware to be installed. 

  • Standard Panel – This standard panel is the least expensive garage door style. It costs anywhere between $400 to $550.
  • Sectional – This popular garage door style has a horizontal, hinged section, costing around $700.
  • Sliding – These expensive doors are not commonly used and rest against the wall once opened. It costs more or less $1000 to purchase this door.
  • Roll-Up – Similar to window blinds, these doors are rolled up when opened. It costs anywhere between $400 to $1500 plus a high labor cost.
  • Others – French, Glass Roll-Up, Walk-Through, and Carriage doors cost approximately $3750, $3800, $5250, and $5500 respectively. 

Garage Door Material – Durable garage doors made of weatherproof material are generally more expensive. Some garage door materials are capable of withstanding abuse for a long time while others do not promise longevity.

  • Steel – $450 – $1500 
  • Aluminum – $500 – $2000 
  • Fiberglass – $800 to $2000 
  • Vinyl – $1700 
  • Composite – $750 to $1600 
  • Wood – Over $1000 

The number of Garage Doors – It goes without saying that installing multiple garage doors will be expensive. A homeowner has to pay a higher price for custom-designed garage doors.

  • Custom Door – More than $1000
  • Single Door – $600 – $1500
  • Double Door – $800 – $3500 


Besides the garage door cost, door frames, patterns, windows, and additional hardware will make the final bill higher. Customizations make the installation even pricier. 

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