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When To Visit Dubai?

Dubai is the place where you can always expect something exciting and new. You can find lots of adventure and fun activities in Dubai. There are many things beyond the mall and cinemas in Dubai. Your trip will be memorable if you visit the city at the best time.

If you love Dubai’s shopping, Dubai golf, beautiful island, cruise, and beaches, then before planning a trip, you need to know the correct time that helps you to enjoy your trip in the best month. Because Dubai’s climate is hotter, you should know about the weather of that particular area before traveling.

Best Time For Sightseeing And View Burj Khalifa

The best time for sightseeing in Dubai is between mid-November and early December because the weather is pleasant. January and February are when you find the crowd everywhere in Dubai because it is peak time. So if you want to enjoy sightseeing without any rush and hassle, then November and December is the best option, while March’s first half is also a good time to visit Dubai.

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building, so you want to visit there. In winter there are many crowds, but in summer you can enjoy a peaceful visit to Burj Khalifa. But if you want to visit in winter, you should purchase your ticket 2-4 weeks before. Otherwise, you will face a big line to get your ticket. You can purchase the ticket before an hour to sunset easily.

Best Time For Shopping

Shopping is a thing that never ends, and Dubai is very famous for its shopping festival in January. So if you want to visit Dubai for shopping, this month is the perfect option. Dubai has local and international brands, and you can find cheap luxury shopping at their malls. You can also find pocket-friendly things there, including jewelry, electronics, cloth, and accessories. Do you know? In the middle of July, many retailers give a discount for 45 days.

Best Time For Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari is the most adventurous, thrilling, and recreational activity. Dubai is the land of the desert. In Dubai’s famous desert safari, you also get other amenities like dinner and entertainment. And the perfect time to visit Dubai for a desert safari is between November to March. Because at that time the temperature will be bearable and you will enjoy the trip in pleasant weather

Best Beach Time In Dubai

When you think about Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is its pleasant and refreshing beach. Imagine the clear water, cool breeze, and blue skies, and you want to spend a day at the beach. You can enjoy surfing, water sports and walking on the beaches. The best month to visit Dubai is April and May. Because at that time, the temperature is around 25 to 28 degree Celsius. 


When you plan a trip to Dubai for any reason of enjoyment, you should check the temperature and climate. It will help you understand the climate and weather conditions, and you can enjoy your trip peacefully. And also get the idea about carrying a type of cloth like warm or simple light clothes. Before planning a trip, find the climate and the best time to visit any particular destination. It will make your trip more exciting and hassle-free.

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