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Let's explore what to do if a flight is delayed and help you decide whether you'll get compensatory damages for the postponement or loss.

What Kind Of Compensation Can You Get For A Delayed Flight?

If your plane is postponed or rescheduled, it may cause a domino effect of complications that might ruin your getaway. You might lose a crucial meeting, the opportunity to witness your favorite artist in person or some other significant event. If either of these events occurs, you must recognize your entitlements and what restitution you are qualified to receive due to a disrupted plane trip. 

You have to deal with many unavoidable repercussions of the inconvenient circumstance you’re in. There’s no way around the fact that you should believe the plane company is liable to you if you’re wondering whether you deserve to be compensated. 

Well, can you get flight delay compensation if this happens? What are your legal protections for a disruption? Do you have any special passenger rights you can exercise in this situation? 

In this pst, we’ll explore what to do if a flight is delayed and help you decide whether you’ll get compensatory damages for the postponement or loss.

Responsibilities of Plane Companies for Delayed Flights

After a flight disruption and delay, you may be entitled to monetary reimbursement from the airline.

Whether or not you are entitled to get compensated and, if so, how big the company owes you will depend on specific standards, such as how long the problem lasted, where your departure and arrival airports were, and what the problem was.

Reasons you might not get compensated: Uncooperative weather

The airline may not always be able to prevent delays due to factors such as rough weather, air traffic congestion, or engine faults. But the airline is not required to give you anything back for the inconvenience because of uncontrollable factors like bad weather, trouble with air navigation, or maintenance issues.

If your flight is disrupted because of these circumstances, contact your original airline to see if it would cover the cost of a new trip. With no mandate for reimbursement for customers who experience delays, it is up to the regulations of the company in question to decide whether or not to compensate you. 

If your flight is significantly delayed, you may want to inquire about food reimbursement from the company. You may be eligible for a refund for expenditures spent during the delay, even if the airport does not immediately provide compensation for food or other costs.

Reasons you might not get compensated: Runway disruption

A runway disruption on a scheduled flight is another possibility that would not warrant monetary support. This might happen anytime after the flight has taken off.

For passengers on an overseas aircraft with a U.S. carrier, authorities’ time constraints do not apply in the circumstances like a runway disruption. The airline industry establishes any time constraints and associated procedures. Airlines are obligated to provide food and drink to passengers on air travel no later than two hours after a runway disruption has begun. The company must ensure that there are working restrooms and enough healthcare officers on board.

Reasons you might not get compensated: Concerns about personal belonging

Usually, if your bag becomes damaged during the flight, the carrier will cover the cost of getting it fixed. If the plane carrier determines that they cannot repair your damaged baggage, they will work with you to settle for its diminished value. 

In addition, the plane company may be responsible for any lost or broken goods included in your checked baggage if the airline’s carelessness caused the loss or damage. If proven otherwise, the chances of getting compensated might be low.

Keep in mind that the current liability limit for a carrier is $3,000 per person on domestic routes and about $1,000 per person on foreign round-trip charter flights from the U.S. if they can show that the airline is responsible for the loss and costs.

Applying for compensation

Reimbursement procedures for flight delays in the Americas and Europe are distinct. However, you should keep records to back up your assertions in any situation. 

Take care of your board passes and any documentation of extra costs you incurred while waiting for the disruption; find out what caused the disruption, collect evidence of it, and just avoid signing any documents giving up your rights.

When to file for compensation

Generally speaking, the earlier you register a complaint and submit the required paperwork, the faster you will get any assistance to which you are entitled. To comply with standard compensating procedures, carriers typically provide refunds for flight disruptions within seven working days. 

If the company doesn’t respond to your request for a refund within 2 months, you can take legal action with the local authorities in the country where the disruption happened. Bank account refunds may take a while longer because an outside account processor processes most complaints.


A delayed flight is a major inconvenience. The national government does not mandate that airline companies compensate people on the plane financially or otherwise for flight disruptions and delays. As for what happens to customers that are delayed, different airlines have different regulations. If the airline halts your plane for a lengthy time, contact the carrier to see if they will cover any additional expenses, such as food, lodging, and transportation.

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