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If you want to see the world, why not visit Morocco? We've put together the perfect travel itinerary for your next big adventure. Check it out here.

Places to visit in Morocco

Some people travel to unwind, while others travel to learn. If you can confidently say you fall into the latter category, it’s time to add Morocco to your bucket list! In addition to some of the best spots to visit in Morocco, the country also presents you to a culture and way of life found only in a few places today.

If you’re looking for Morocco travel itinerary, don’t forget to stop by these lovely renowned sites in the country. All of these locations are unquestionably the best spots to visit in Morocco!

Why visit Morocco?

If the question of what are the best places to visit in Morocco sprang to mind when we suggested you put it on your list, here’s why:

People who are extremely kind, inviting, and beautiful.

Morocco has a rich culture and enthralling sites to visit.

Exceptional lodging choices

Exotic cuisine, which is a wonderful mash-up of many civilizations

There’s a thriving nightlife here, as well as an inexhaustible supply of shopping opportunities.

Your time and money will be well spent.

Best time to visit Morocco:

If you’re wondering where to go in Morocco and when is the ideal time to visit, the answer is that any time between March and May is a fantastic time to travel and see the true splendor of Morocco’s tourist sites.

Best places to visit in Morocco:

Are you planning a trip to Morocco for your next vacation? Now that you know why you should go and when you should go, browse through our list of 19 Morocco tourist attractions to figure out where you should travel for a memorable Morocco sightseeing experience!

1) Merzouga:

  When visiting Morocco, the desert is a must-see. Every experience in the desert is intriguing and unique, from viewing a beautiful sunset over the dunes to looking at a sky full of brilliant stars. Make sure to set aside a few days from all of the greatest places to visit in Morocco for a trip to the Sahara Desert, one of the best places to visit in Morocco!

How to Get It: the 3 days tour from Marrakech to Fes is the common form of transit between Marrakech and Merzouga.

Visit for the amazing vistas and the opportunity to sleep beneath the stars.

Activities to Try:

Desert safaris or camel caravans are two options.

Enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the Draa Valley, which runs from Ouarzazate to the desert.

Make friends with the locals.

2) Marrakech:

Marrakech is a busy city with a huge medina that is one of the most prominent Morocco tourist attractions. It is located north of the Atlas Mountains’ foothills. There’s plenty to see and see in this city, from Djemma El-center Fna’s plaza to the El Badi Palace and the busy souks or bazaars. One of the finest things to do in Morocco is go shopping, and Marrakech is the best spot to go shopping. Marrakech is Morocco’s safest town to visit. This is without a doubt one of Morocco’s greatest destinations.

3) Fes

Fes, a 1,200-year-old Maghreb city amid the Middle Eastern deserts, is one of Morocco’s most interesting attractions. Fès el-Bali, the ancient center of the city with a deep and mysterious maze of alleyways and staircases nestled between colorful tanneries and cottages, is one of the most fascinating sites in Morocco. The beautiful boulevards of Ville Nouvelle, where the French constructed gorgeous palm-fringed avenues and refreshing fountains beside luxurious hotels and Parisian-styled streets, are another significant attraction of this location. With Fes to Marrakech desert tours you can plan you own itinerary.

4) Casablanca:

While Casablanca is not as atmospheric as the other towns, it is unquestionably one of the greatest locations to visit in Morocco and the epitome of modernism. The city’s beautiful Moresque structures, which combine French colonial architecture with traditional Moroccan architecture, are the greatest thing to see. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest locations to visit in Morocco due to its incredible gastronomy and architecture.

5) Chechaouan:

Chefchaouen, often known as the blue city, is a little town in a vast environment, situated in the Rif Mountains. This is one of the most popular Moroccan destinations to visit for solitary travelers who want to see the town’s distinctive blue and white painted homes.

The locals are also quite kind, so you will undoubtedly enjoy some delightful hospitality, making this one of the best locations to visit in Morocco. Don’t miss a visit to the isolated and peaceful Ras El Maa, one of Morocco’s most interesting and hidden gems.  

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  • Morocco is such an unforgettable country that will create travel memories lasting a long time. Just have plenty of time for your visit and don’t rush it through !

    July 6, 2021

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