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The Ultimate Travel Guide To Las Vegas

The Sin City, a city where the air is full of madness, a place where all the crazy things happen and the place where all this craziness is normalised. A trip to America is incomplete without a visit to Vegas. Vegas is the hub of altogether unique experiences. Be it the iconic casinos or the nightlife, the dancing fountains to animal habitats and everything in between. Having said that, one should visit Vegas at least once in a lifetime.

Being in vegas is a complete experience of upbeat music, lights, shows, bets, illusions, drinks, shopping and people. The Nevada city has innumerable Entertainment, Food, Shows and Shopping options.

We have listed below the perfect itinerary you will need before a trip to Las Vegas, not missing out on the quintessential 4-mile-long Las Vegas Stripe. Give it a read below and prepare yourself for a fun-filled, enthralling and fascinating adventure, cause it’s Vegas, you never what might come ahead.


Whatever one can dream of, Vegas delivers be it 24-Hour wedding chapels, Michelin-star restaurants, slot machines, breathtaking sceneries and whatnot. But just the moment you think you’ve had it all, Vegas surprises you.  Heading past the Vegas strip one witnesses state parks, red rocks canyon and the valley of fire, it is hidden gems like these that make Vegas suitable for one and all.

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Whenever a conversation pops up about Vegas, one cannot help but think about the 4-mile-long stripe. The Stripe being the most iconic and happening street in vegas attracts millions of visitors annually, making Vegas the leading financial, commercial and cultural centre for Nevada. But Vegas isn’t limited to the stripe. Just North of Vegas is downtown Las Vegas, The historic area where the original Casinos started. Many famous casinos are located on Fremont Street. The street continues to have the classic Las Vegas charm with neon lighting. The place has a great aura and one encounters many different personalities.


Spring and autumn are the ideal seasons to visit Las Vegas. The two seasons are ideal for a romantic trip to Las Vegas. Given that it is neither too hot nor too chilly, the weather is perfect. While summer is extremely hot, with temperatures frequently exceeding 100C. The heat of the day can be intense, but you can easily cool off in a casino.

Las Vegas never sleeps and is open every day of the year. Whatever the time of year, this sin city is always crowded. The week between Christmas and New Year’s, as well as the holiday season, are Las Vegas’s super peak times, with throngs of tourists pouring into the city. Expect prices for lodging and food to go up. Budget-conscious visitors should avoid attending during these times.


If you have a good budget, there are several wonderful locations to stay close to the Strip. We strongly advise lodging in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip for first-timers. You can easily access the majority of the attractions by staying in these places, which will cut down on your journey time. By booking one of the hotels listed below, you can’t go wrong.

Bellagio Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a place to stay in Las Vegas, the Bellagio is unquestionably a first-rate establishment. It offers the best five-star experience out of all and is the most stylish. From their lodging, features, and restaurants to their casino, atrium garden, and shopping. The area is just fantastic and incredibly convenient for everything. The accommodation had an amazing and wonderful view of the fountain!

The Venetian Resort Las Vegas and TI – Treasure Island Hotel & Casino are two other fantastic choices for more opulent lodging.

We suggest staying at the Flamingo Hotel, Excalibur, or Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino for mid-range options. The location is reasonably priced and conveniently situated on the Strip. The accommodation is quite roomy and well worth the price.

The Circus Circus Hotel, Casino & Theme Park is a well-liked option for those seeking a little less expensive lodging. Although the facility is a little antiquated, the costs are fair, and visitors can park for free on-site. The rooms are roomy and ideal for families with children. The staff is friendly, inviting, informed, and supportive.

When visiting Las Vegas, be on the lookout for hidden resort fees. When you stay in Las Vegas, the daily cost is added to your room’s bill, and this is a typical payment.


McCarran Airport is the closest airport, and transportation from there to downtown typically costs $25 to $40. Additionally, if you want a car to drive around Las Vegas and the surrounding area, you may use FLIXBUS for the best and most affordable transportation.

There is only one way to experience Las Vegas to the fullest once you are on the Strip, and that is to put on comfortable shoes and wander about. It’s recommended to avoid driving if you can because of how frustrating the traffic may be in this area. Walking is often the fastest alternative and generally preferable to trying to drive on the Las Vegas Strip. However, if you have a destination in mind, you’ll still need a means of transportation in Las Vegas to move around. If don’t mean to tire your feet, Public transportation comes to your rescue. The availability of buses and trams at affordable costs makes exploring Vegas a step easier.


Welcome to the fabulous Las Vegas sign

Begin your trip with a picture in front of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Sign, officially marking the beginning of your Vegas journey. Located to the south of Mandalay Bay Casino and Resort the spot is usually filled with a bunch of people lingering around for a photoshoot. A visit there early morning or late evening will make sure that your frame isn’t filled with a lot of people.

Stroll around the Strip during daytime


A long walk along the Strip can be a fun-to-do activity during the daytime. The best route to follow would be to start your walk from the south to the north. Along the journey, you will witness the Excaliber, MGM, Caesar’s Palace, Mirage, New York, Paris Eiffel Tower, Bellagio Fountains, Cosmopolitan, Venetian, and ending at North is a fashion shopping mall, Circus Circus, and Stratosphere.

The MGM and Venetian is the most happening area. While roaming around it is quite fun to watch street performers, people in costumes and burlesque dancers walk up and down the street.

Enjoy the Nightlife

There is no other city you have ever seen like Las Vegas at night. When the night first began, the strip was just too packed and chaotic. We advise visiting the strip both during the day and at night to experience the glitz and brightness. The experience in Las Vegas varies greatly depending on the time of day.

One must see and experience Las Vegas’ nightlife for yourself to fully appreciate it. It has left a lasting influence on millions of individuals around the world. Las Vegas is a fantastic location for entertainment, people-watching, and nightlife because of the glamour, the lights, the LED billboards, and the vibe.

Enjoy the Meals

There are several unique pubs, eateries, and fast food outlets in Las Vegas. Las Vegas offers some of the best cuisines in the world thanks to all the money that comes in. However, everything is incredibly pricey, so wherever you go, expect to pay a premium for food and beverages.

When looking for the greatest restaurants in Las Vegas, vacationers frequently choose the Yellowtail (Bellagio), Lemongrass (Aria), The Peppermill, and Firefly. Though some of the restaurants on the strip are fairly pricey, bring big cash. Additionally, the restaurants virtually all require reservations, or if walk-ins are accepted, please plan on waiting at least 30 to 60 minutes.

Casino Experience

One cannot end a Las Vegas trip without a Casino experience. You must test your luck if you visit Las Vegas. All casinos have unique themes and ornamentation, although they all often look the same. Even if you’re not a gamer, it’s enjoyable to look at. The minimum bet for table games appears to be $10, and there are countless places to drop your spare change.

Shop till you Drop

One will find some of the best shopping opportunities ever in Las Vegas. The shopping district has a hip atmosphere, modern architecture, and a preponderance of high-end stores. A majority of top designer stores are located along the strip. You won’t be let down if you enjoy shopping.

However, there are some amusing stores that are worth visiting, such as M&M’s World, Hershey’s, and Coca-Cola and Pepsi boutiques.


Helicopter night flight

Take a helicopter ride at night to see the flashing lights of the Las Vegas Strip and the surrounding area. With a unique sightseeing tour of Sin City’s downtown skyline and beyond, you can soar over this renowned section of Las Vegas Boulevard.

Hoover Dam

It is highly recommended that you take the time to visit the Hoover Dam while you are in Las Vegas. It is only a short drive from Las Vegas. We recommend using FLIXBUS for hassle-free transportation and easy travel. The engineering feat is truly astounding, and it offers a breathtaking perspective of the Colorado River and Hoover Dam. The Colorado River is seen below from this bridge, which is the second-highest in the USA.

Shark Reef Aquarium

Komodo dragons, piranha, green sea turtles at risk of extinction, sharks, and enormous rays are among the more than 2,000 animals you may see. One gets the opportunity to dive with more exotic sharks in this exclusive exhibit than you ever would in the wild.


1). You will have to walk a lot! So, bring the best pair of walking or sports shoes that you have. There are long stairs to reach certain venues. Also, the Strip requires you to walk a good distance.

2). Be on your toes! Like all metropolitans, crime and disorder is always a possibility so keep your valuables safe and attended to at all times.

3). Never buy passes, tickets or casino chips from some random person on the street because most of them are scams and dupes.

4). Don’t stop and get photographs with street performers and people dressed in costumes unless you want to pay. Keep your mind open.

5). Use over-bridges, underpasses or other designated ways to cross streets. It is more important to be safe than to be fast.

6). Last but very important tip, you can enjoy Las Vegas even if you have very little money. The Strip is a very economical place if you like to walk. You can also spend a lot if you eat in the hotels or enjoy the casinos/clubs.


We wish you enjoyed this detailed Las Vegas travel blog with guides and a planned itinerary. You have so many cool things to experience, do and see in Las Vegas.

It is exciting to go and visit the strip any time of the day and its unpredictability in regard to what you’ll see makes it so so fun! Although, keep in mind that it is not for everyone, especially for kids at night. The city constantly smells of weed, cigarettes, and the ever-increasing number of homeless people. Surely not for children.

Even after the cons, Las Vegas is a must-visit place for everyone at least once in their lifetime. You can enjoy the beautiful resorts, colourful and monochromatic shows, the glitz and the glamour, metropolitan city life and many other things. The Strip is a standalone spectacle and there are some of the best people-watching in the world. Enjoy your time in Las Vegas!

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