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The top 8 best cocktail bars Saigon you should check out

The best cocktail bars Saigon are where you can enjoy the great nightlife in this magnificent city. After a fun and exciting day of travel, you will surely want to find yourself a moment of gentle and comfortable relaxation for your soul. Here is a list of the top 8 bars in Ho Chi Minh City that you can refer to to plan your upcoming trip.

1 – The Blinders Cocktail Bar Saigon

If everyone has seen the hit movie Peaky Blinders, the name of this one of the best cocktail bars Saigon is so familiar. And true to the content of this movie, The Blinders is decorated and built as a British space of the 19th century, attracting those who like the style of gentlemen. Here, you can comfortably lean in at a polished oak bar, or relax on the soft sofa to sip whiskey and try premium cigars. In addition to a multitude of cocktails from traditional to improvised, The Blinders also offers a variety of aged, attractive wines.

– Location: No.165/58 Nguyen Thai Binh Street – Ward of District 1

2 – Lib. Coffee & Cocktails Bar

This is one of the best cocktail bars Saigon located in District 3, famous as a gathering place for friends who like the feeling of a gentle meeting without noise. Lib stands for “Library,” so it’s no surprise that this bar’s space has a cozy, light and intellectual vibe with golden lights and menus with names of Vietnamese literature classics. Coming here, you can not only enjoy delicious – beautiful – strange cocktails, but also be provided with memorable experiences with the most professional service. You can share all your joys or sorrows with Lib’s bartenders, who will listen attentively and keep your story close to their heart.

– Location: No.443/19a Le Van Sy Street, Ward 12 of District 3

3 – Alto – one of the best cocktail bars Saigon

This is one of the best cocktail bars in Ho Chi Minh city highly recommended by Vietnamtrips that you should not miss if you are a lover of classical and musical elements. Alto was created by people who love the aristocratic charm of vinyl records, offering a fusion of traditional and modern music. You will have the opportunity to enjoy cocktails and wines inspired by Havana bars, while listening to melodies from the gramophone. The owner of Alto has collected for himself more than 2000 vinyl records with about 90% jazz music, besides, there is also a piano for live performances, or improvisation. This bar is open from the morning, so you can stop by for warm dishes like homemade pasta, pesto sauce, potatoes and green beans, sipping coffee while watching the hustle and bustle of the streets.

– Location: 1st Floor, No.80 Pham Viet Chanh Street, Ward 19 of Binh Thanh District

4 – NOB

Similar to many of the best cocktail bars Saigon, this place was born out of the owner’s special love for wine, with the unique feature of cherishing nature and a green lifestyle. NOB is the crystallization of love between Nature, Natural Wine and Green Lifestyle, bringing a unique feeling in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City full of dust and smoke. The space here is also very special, divided into two, including the ground floor in a light bar style, and the second floor is a romantic bistro restaurant with a balcony facing the airy canal. NOB owns a constantly renewed natural wine portfolio, a diverse vegan menu, and a team of enthusiastic, cute, product-savvy staff to chat with.

– Location: No.1127 Hoang Sa Street, Ward 11 of District 3

5 – Next Level

Among the best cocktail bars Saigon, this is a destination for those who are interested in video games, or simply want a unique experience with friends. Next Level offers custom-crafted cocktails by professional bartenders, along with craft beer, exciting video games, board games and card games. You can find here a collection of more than 4000 games, ranging from famous ones like Nintendo switch, xbox, Playstation, to classics like NES, SNES, and arcades. You can order cocktails from the menu, or ask the bartender to make items according to your preferences and tastes.

– Location: No.233/20 Nguyen Trai Street, Nguyen Cu Trinh Ward of District 1

6 – Jackalope Bar

Among the best cocktail bars Saigon, this place is a special destination for you to have a chance to feel the American space full of wild, sunny and windy with cowboys riding fast. Jackalope has a bar with leather stools and classy wooden bar tops, an outdoor balcony area suitable for cigar smokers, and a loft perfect for couples to chat intimately. It’s also the perfect place to enjoy deliciously crafted classic or modern cocktails from skilled bartenders, while having a nice chat with friends or partners.

– Location: No.56 Duc Chinh Street, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward of District 1.

7 – Good Apple

Among the best cocktail bars Saigon, this place attracts a large number of guests every day thanks to its own unique feature of diverse music events. Good Apple is also known as The Listening Room, where you can enjoy live performances while sipping delicious cocktails and wines. The service style here is also very unique, giving the feeling of a real family, creating a cozy, intimate and warm atmosphere. Many patrons here advise that you should not just sit still, but walk around and explore the works on display here, chat and dance with people.

– Location: 12 Street 9, Thao Dien Ward of District 2

8 – Victory Bar

Similar to many other best cocktail bars Saigon, Victory Bar looks quite modest from the outside, giving a mysterious and quiet feeling. In front of the shop there is a space for smoking, inside there are two impressive classic Ducati cars imported from Japan. Victory Bar has an upper floor for customers who like to watch live sports due to the huge TV screen, which makes this space especially busy on football days. But the most outstanding feature of Victory Bar is still the extremely attractive cocktails, carefully made by bartenders to bring out flavors to suit your emotions and taste.

– Location: No.94 Pham Viet Chanh Street, Ward 19 of Binh Thanh District.

Coming to the best cocktail bars Saigon, you will have the opportunity to learn about the more calming and different nightlife atmosphere of this normally bustling city. It seems that the noise and dust have left you, giving you a pleasant time to relax your soul, let your body rest after a day of walking in the streets. Spending time at the bars in Ho Chi Minh City will also be an opportunity for you to learn about this region’s culture, make new friends and enjoy unique cocktails like nowhere else. 


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