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Reduce the stress of moving, hire professional movers.

Changing your house or apartment is something that always makes you excited, but it is very important to take into account some aspects to make the move more pleasant and that it does not become a headache. The key to everything is in the organization, that’s why we must plan the move as carefully as we did in the choice of the new home.

This is where Déménagement Montréal comes in. We offer various package services from low-priced moving boxes coming from one location to another, to complete the packages where they box, ship, and unpack. Many moving companies rent moving trucks and sell boxes and packing supplies if you’re really ready to handle it yourself but we can do it for you.To find the best service for you, compare prices and request estimates.

First of all, take the opportunity to get rid of things that you no longer need or that are no longer useful. Throw it away or give it away, don’t take it with you, there’s no point in carrying it around so that in the new home you can find a corner where it doesn’t get in the way and you forget it again, you have to be practical to make better use of the spaces. As you go through all the areas of the house while you pack, check what you take and what stays.

Pre-purchase boxes, bubble wrap and paper, tape, note paper, and markers, and get newspapers. Everything you may need so that you do not have to stop once you have decided to work on your move.

Recognize Pricing
The quantity being moved, the value of the goods, and the distance they will be transported all affect the cost of the move. Send only the absolute necessities, and if you can, try to purchase the rest when you get there to save some money.

Distance between the pick-up and drop-off location
The cost of disposal is also influenced by the point of origin and destination. Even though they are closer, some areas are expensive.

Non-essential expenses
Remember that even the best estimates are almost always cheaper than the final cost. Understand the fundamental costs and create a budget to distinguish between what you can afford and what you anticipate it will cost.

Hire moving professionals
In the first place, it is advisable to inform us at least two months in advance
Hire moving professionals like Montreal Movers, and forget about worries with us.With us, you can hire services to help you distribute all the boxes and furniture in your new apartment, and place them in their new place.
We also help you unpack your furniture and personal belongings, to make your move even easier.

The process is simple:
Contact us before moving as we have several offers and discounts as well for you.
A mobile storage truck or container is delivered to your home for packing at your leisure
The company moves the truck or container to the new residence Moved to its new home.

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