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An exotic stay in Phnom Penh-Baitong Hotel & Resort

What’s the one thing that almost every individual loves to do? It is to travel. People all around the world love to travel to different destinations. Some do it for love of traveling, some for business, some for adventure, some for relaxation & some for food & culture. Every nook and corner of the world offers a different experience in terms of tourism. Southeast Asia is a popular tourist spot for people across the world. It offers a relaxing yet luxury experience in the lap of nature. At the same time, it even brings to you some of the most advanced infrastructure, technology & showcases its development prowess. Countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia are all part of Southeast Asia. 

Cambodia is one country that’s extremely peaceful & is your go to place to get away from the hubbub of the world. It offers a natural and soothing experience. As a tourist spot, it is gaining immense popularity due to its rich natural heritage and other picturesque destinations. The capital city of Phnom Penh attracts the greatest number of tourists. Phnom Penh hotels are the best in Cambodia in terms of luxury, services, and hospitality. One hotel that stands apart from the rest and is regarded the best in the city is Baitong Hotel & Resort. 

About Baitong Hotel & Resort

Baitong is in BKK1, the most famous district of Phnom Penh. Baitong Hotel is a unique blend of luxury and natural comfort and experience. A stay at Baitong certainly rejuvenates the entire mind, body and soul with its exemplary hospitality & best-in-class services. The entire infrastructure of the hotel is commendable. You can find everything from gardens and leisure ponds to a glass-bottomed pool, walkway, stylish staircases, etc. The hotel even has a forest pool and jacuzzi, deck pool, spa facilities and gym. 

There are more than 100 rooms in the entire hotel with multiple dining options. Given the advent of technology worldwide, Baitong too is adopting a smart approach. All the rooms are fitted with multiple smart devices and ensure the maximum connectivity. 

Stay at Baitong

Baitong offers multiple stay options that are extremely comfortable. A total of 105 rooms are available in the hotel across 10 different categories. These categories range from basic rooms to luxury suites and differ in their size, amenities, interiors, etc. All rooms are majorly equipped with smart devices like smart TVs, wifi & other facilities like a workstation, setting area, etc. The 10 room categories vary in size from 28 sqm to 54 sqm. They offer a stay capacity of 2-3 adults depending upon the size of the room. They offer standard rooms and rooms with superior/deluxe city view or superior/deluxe pool view. Similar deluxe and superior categories also exist with garden and pool. And lastly, there is the suite room, which is the most spacious and luxurious. 

Dine at Baitong

Located in the Southeast Asian region, Baitong, like many other similarly located hotels offers delicious seafood & other local cuisine. Apart from this, there are various international cuisines available as well. Baitong Hotel offers a total of 3 dining options. The Breakfast Arena provides exotic breakfast options to the visitors daily & is open from 6 AM to 10:30 AM. Kuang Seafood is the go to place for people who want to try authentic Thai food. Kuang primarily grills and barbecues its food and serves it with a delicious seafood sauce. The Lantern Bar is open daily from 5:30 PM to 11 PM. This place offers a different vibe altogether and is the ultimate place to chill with some drinks, snacks, music & fun. 

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