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Best hotels in Ocean City: 8 unique features to consider

Every year, Ocean City welcomes around 8 million or more visitors around the year. The well-designed city, its nightlife, beaches, and Chesapeake Bay Bridge are only a few reasons behind such a high number.

Read on to learn about some best features that should be looked at while booking a hotel.

Unique Hotel Features to Look for 

Ocean City has a lot of attractions available throughout the year. Whether you visit for work or pleasure, choosing suitable accommodation can change your experience. 

However, choosing a good hotel to stay in can be a hassle for many. You should pay attention to many things to avoid a bad experience. But, if you look closely and do some research, you may be able to differentiate between a good hotel and a not-so-good one. 

Eager Customer Support

When you call customer support for the first time, they should be eager to help. Most reputed accommodations provide complete on-call support to prospective clients in detail. 

They should answer all the queries either through call or email. A friendly approach and helpful assistance are crucial characteristics of customer support.

Good Location

The location of your hotel should depend totally on the purpose of your visit. Are you visiting to attend meetings and work-related obligations? Choosing a hotel near the city center will be helpful. 

But, if you are visiting to relax and spend your day sunbathing on the ocean city beach, a beachside hotel should be your ideal choice. 

Also, you should check that the hotel you are booking is in a safe locality. It should be family and kids-friendly and away from any noisy parts of the city. 

Friendly and Cheerful Staff

Staff behavior can make or break your experience while visiting a new place. Reputed luxury hotels in Ocean City tend to take pride in their customer service. They will have qualified, experienced, and courteous staff members who provide the highest level of customer service from the moment you step into the hotel. 

Good Amenities and Facilities 

Next, it is crucial to check the amenities and facilities that the hotel provides. Facilities can vary based on your budget, type of hotel, and location. But, every decent hotel shall have these basic facilities:

  • Clean and spacious rooms
  • Clean and hygienic toiletries
  • Around the clock 24-hours room service
  • Good air conditioning 
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Hygienic and well-managed restaurant
  • Laundry services
  • Business and meeting spaces
  • Spa and wellness center
  • Bar
  • Transportation services  

Easy Booking Process

Bookings should be a simple process, whether you are booking through an online channel, via a call, or in person. 

There should be a helpful concierge to help through the entire process. They should answer your queries and provide all the needed information. They should be empathetic and polite while making changes and during transactions.

Problem Solving Approach 

Whether you have no hot water in your room or want to catch an urgent flight, your hotel staff should be capable of helping. They should be proactive in understanding the problem and take necessary actions to resolve it.

No hidden charges 

Lastly, one of the attributes that you need to pay attention to is the cost. There must be no hidden charges. Otherwise, you may end up staring at a long bill with a number of hidden charges when you check out. 

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