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Do I require a New Zealand visitor visa from Hong Kong?

Absolutely, anyone from Hong Kong must possess a Consular Tourist Visa before visiting Australia or New Zealand. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer this type of visa; however, we are working on developing an online version in the near future.

Verify whether or not you qualify to apply for an e-Visa here by entering your name and the country where you will travel to. Once completed, information regarding eligibility will be displayed.

New Zealand Visa From Hong Kong

What are the Conditions? 

Applying for an iVisa requires very few requirements from applicants; however, when making your application you are expected to provide some details and documents. Below is what must be submitted when making an application:

Passport – When applying online, all applicants must possess an active passport that will remain valid for three months post-arrival in New Zealand.

Digital photos – In order to obtain an excellent passport photo, the image must conform to all of the necessary specifications.

Payment Options: Your request can be paid for with debit/credit cards, PayPal, Alipay, or WeChat payment methods.

Email – Provide your valid email address to obtain your ETA. Be sure to keep a record.

To make ends meet upon arriving in New Zealand, it’s essential that you can show that you possess sufficient funds. An account statement from your bank should suffice.

Return Flight Ticket – you must present a return flight ticket back to your country of origin (or alternative destination if travelling). If this documentation does not exist, proof of funds must be shown so as to acquire one.

Another thing you must keep in mind when applying for a New Zealand visa is revealing your criminal record. Failure to provide such details could require applicants to submit a separate application even if their stay will last less than three months in New Zealand.

Do you understand the timings and fees associated with procedures?

If you’re applying for an e-Visa using iVisa, one of these options will be available to you:

Standard Processing – Get an estimated delivery date to New Zealand in 4 days and pay an amount equaling USD $95.99.

Process Fast! Your eTA should arrive in two days for only USD $137.99 in total cost!

Super Rush processing – Receive an electronic Visa within just 30 minutes at an approximate cost of USD $184.99 including service fees.

How can I apply online for an electronic visa?

Completing an application form becomes much simpler once you’ve outlined everything you require. For any assistance needed, iVisa provides 24/7 customer service support that comes at no cost.

The application form features three steps that are simple and user-friendly:

Step one consists of gathering personal data and processing it. While step one may seem straightforward, it is vitally important to pay attention to step two as choosing your processing date will ultimately determine the cost of your passport application.

Step Two involves payment and revision. It is critical that your data is accurate with regard to spelling and exactness; otherwise, visa issues could require another attempt at this procedure.

Uploading documents is the last step, iVisa requires a few files from you but provides an inventory of all information necessary. When all three steps have been completed you can click the submit button and you are finished!

Do I require an e-Visa from New Zealand if I take my children on a trip?

In such instances, individual visa applications will need to be made for each person visiting New Zealand – even children will require a valid visa.

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