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Do you want to travel? Find out how to get a Mexico FMM card so you can travel comfortably through South America.

Getting a Mexico FMM Card for Tourism

What is the FMM Card?

The Mexico FMM Card is also known as Mexico Tourist Card. It is an official document which is granted by the National Immigration Institute of Mexico the foreign citizens who want to enter and stay in Mexico for tourism purposes. Every Foreign citizen who wants to get entry into Mexico for tourism must obtain the Mexico FMM Card. So, if you want to enter Mexico without any hassles, you have to make sure that Mexico Tourist Card is handy and ready to present.

The Mexico FMM Card is very easy to get through applying online by filling an online application form. Once you complete the online application form successfully, you will be able to download your Mexico FMM card from your account dashboard. It is very important to mention here that The Mexico Tourist Card is only available for those travelers who are traveling to Mexico via air or land.

Who Needs the Mexico FMM?

Everyone who wants to visit Mexico for tourism or business by air or land needs the Mexico FMM (Mexico Tourist Card) to get entry into the Mexican borders. It is very important to mention here that the tourist card is not a substitute for a Mexico visa. The Mexico FMM Card is compulsory for every foreign citizen traveling to Mexico.

Most of the travelers who have the Mexico FMM Card will not require a visa to Mexico and they can travel without any difficulty. However, there are some countries whose nationals have to get a visa with the Mexico FMM Card to get entry into Mexican Airports.

A complete list of these countries is given on the official website of Natvisa. If you belong to one of these countries you are advised to contact a Mexican embassy in the country of origin. Apart from the nationals of these countries, every traveler can visit Mexico by having the Mexico FMM Card. 

Can I Get the Tourist Card Upon Arrival?

This was the usual practice in the past that passengers traveling to Mexico for tourist, get their Mexico Tourist Card upon Arrival at Mexican Airport. But now, it the era of digital technology. More and more airlines are phasing this out and shifting to the online platform. Now, you can get your Mexico FMM Card by applying online any time before traveling to Mexico.

Get the Card Online

Now, you can get your Mexico Tourist Card by applying online from home. The best thing about this service is that you don’t have to visit the embassy. By getting your Card Online, you will also save both your money and time by avoiding the complicated processes at the embassy. There are several Mexico Tourist Card providers in the world but is the best among them all. Natvisa is offering two types of Mexico FMM Cards according to your nature of travel:

Tourist Card – Air

Tourist Card – Air is the type of Mexico Tourist Card that is necessary for travelers who are traveling to Mexico by Air. After applying online for the Tourist Card – Air, it will be delivered to your email address. You can stay up to 180 days with this Mexico FMM Card with a single entry. Tourist Card – Air is available for just $29 with 6 Months validity.

Tourist Card – Land

Tourist Card – Land is valid for 6 Months and necessary for the travelers who are traveling to Mexico via Land. After applying online, your Tourist Card – Land will be delivered to your email address. It is available for $58 with a single entry and you can stay up to 180 days with it.

Natvisa offers a very easy and straightforward online application process for the Mexico Tourist Card. The whole process only 5 minutes with a processing time of only 30 minutes. There are 3 easy and simple steps through which you can get your Mexico Tourist Card (The Mexico FMM Card):

Fill the Online Application Form

In the first step, you will visit the official website of Natvisa, Here you will select the type of the Mexico Tourist Card according to the nature of your traveling (By Land or Air). Now, click the “Apply Online) button in front of the type of Mexico Tourist Card. You will be redirected towards the online application form. You will fill this online application form by providing the required details. The only documents you need while applying for the Mexico FMM Card are a valid passport and itinerary details. Don’t forget to enter your valid email address.

Fee Payment for your Mexico Tourist Card

In the second step, you will pay the fee of your Mexico Tourist Card. You can pay the fee by using your debit or credit card. After fee payment, your online application will be completed and the paperwork will take a few days.

Download your Mexico Tourist Card

After the necessary paperwork, your Mexico Tourist Card will be delivered to your email address. The Card will be in PDF format which you can print and use while traveling. As we have mentioned that your Card will be delivered to your email address, don’t forget to check your email inbox regularly after applying online.

Get the Card Online

Always get your Mexico Tourist Card via the online channel. Natvisa is the best provider throughout the world. Apart from a fast online application procedure, natvisa offers several other benefits as well.

Natvisa has a very secure, safe, and Firewall based electronic cloud system in which your personal information will be secure and safe. Don’t worry about your cybersecurity because natvisa will not share your personal information with anyone without your permission.

So, don’t waste your time in thinking and apply for the Mexico Tourist Card today to save yourself from any difficulty upon arrival in Mexico. Natvisa has the cheapest rates of the Mexico Tourist Card. We hope we will not disappoint you.

Thank You very much for your precious time!

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