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If you're ready to finally travel after lockdown, Norfolk has never looked more enticing! Here's why passenger vans are our fave way to get there.

Rent A Passenger Van for Vacation Trip to Norfolk, Virginia

Curious about visiting Norfolk on your upcoming vacation? You’ve come to the right place. 

The city of Norfolk is seaside, but it’s not like your average beach town. Not only is this a place with a rich naval history – with dozens of boats guarding a giant harbor and Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval base in the world – but it has also been a central part of the east coast aquarium scene, boasting the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, as well as a number of other museums related to nature and science that further enrich its already culturally diverse identity. Sounds fun, right? 

So, gather your family and friends and pile into the 15-passenger van rental norfolk va, to live the exotic vacation trip. 

Why Choose a Van Rental? 

Vans and minivans have a high capacity of accommodating up to 15 passengers comfortably and enough space to hold the baggage. These high-quality newer model vans are designed to travel the city roads around Virginia. Families or small size groups can also use 7,8,9,10,12, and 15 passenger van rental Norfolk va easily to travel together with a good company with complete peace of mind and comfort. 

Here are some other reasons why van rental is a smart choice for family and group trips around Virginia. 

1: Convenience 

One of the top reasons tourists, travelers, and corporate employees should choose van rental is its convenience. The van rental is a comparatively more economical and more efficient solution to transport a group of people from one place to another, whether it’s about exploring a city or attending any corporate event. The entire group can reach the destination together at the same time. 

2: Highly maintained vans 

The van rental companies have highly maintained and new model vans available for renting purposes. In addition, if you’re booking in advance, you get to choose the desired van from a large number of varieties with different features or amenities. That means, while using a 15 passenger van rental norfolk va, you won’t have to worry about the van’s maintenance. 

3: Comfort and Safety 

All the van rentals are fully insured and equipped with all safety features. That means all passengers can have complete peace of mind and they can fully enjoy the road tips. 

4: Low transportation costs 

There are a large number of vans with different seating capacities and functions you can rent from the rental companies in Norfolk. Each has a different price, allowing you to select any van per your budget. In addition, by using 15 passenger van rental Norfolk va, all the passengers can split the trip’s overall cost. 

5: Freedom to customize travel plans 

Renting a van is one of the most flexible options when it comes to traveling because you can build your trip exactly how you want. You can choose to take the most popular route or make your own custom itinerary for maximum enjoyment. 

If not for yourself but for others, this could be a great way to travel with a group of people who are simply looking for an enriching and unique experience. You’re not on a tight schedule and can take as many stops or detours as you want in between destinations.

Best Places to Visit in Norfolk, Virginia

Norfolk, Virginia, has many great tourist attractions and museums to explore. Here is a list of top tourist attractions of the city which you should explore on your van vacation trip to Norfolk. 

  • Battleship Wisconsin at Nauticus
  • Chrysler Museum of Art
  • Nauticus 
  • Norfolk Botanical Garden 
  • Virginia Zoo
  • Naval Station Norfolk 
  • Pagoda and Oritenal Garden
  • Hampton Roads Naval Museum 
  • MacArthur Memorial 
  • Hermitage Museum
  • Selden Market
  • The Chrysler Museum Glass Studio
  • MacArthur Center  
  • Ocean View Beach 
  • Moses Myers House 
  • Hunter House Victorian Museum 
  • Norfolk Waterside District


Van rental is undoubtedly a wise choice for traveling. However, it’s highly imperative to choose a reliable company for van or car rental. Carngo is the best 15 passenger van rental norfolk va, that provides high-quality and different varieties of Vans in Norfolk and nearby areas. They offer the best rental prices with no hidden charges, free cancellation, breakdown assistance, full rental car insurance, and so much more. 

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