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How Hiring An Agency Helps You Qualify As A Golden Visa Owner Hassle-Free

Have you ever dreamt of flying overseas and settling in fascinating countries? If yes, please fill out the forms and submit documents for golden visas. Every country defines its own culture, history, and economic conditions. 

Investors are now investing in these foreign countries like Dubai, Portugal, Spain, and Italy, where they can gain massive capital and permanent citizenship. Therefore, citizenship outside your birth country needs to set up a foreign business or get citizenship in another developed country, then opting for getting a Golden visa as an option. 

To acquire a golden visa for any country, hire a Golden Visa agency, Pearl Lemon Visa. Their expert advice will give you a clear description of the investment program accordingly, and you can make your investment plans in that country. 

What is a Golden Visa?

Golden visas act as green cards. It is an immigration scheme the investors want to acquire to make considerable investments in a specific country. They can stay with their families in exchange for a substantial economic investment. For example, several countries offer this visa option if you want to invest in Europe. 

They are Italy, Portugal, Spain, and Greece. Amongst them, Portugal stands in the first position by providing the most successful Golden Visa programs after its inception in 2012 and 2015. More than 5,431 family members have seen immense benefits from the Portugal Golden Visa. It has enabled foreign talents to live, work and earn in various countries worldwide.

The Most Popular Golden Visas Acquired these Days

Amongst more than a hundred Golden Visas offered by different countries, you should opt for the following three top most popular countries providing golden visas to outside investors-

  • Portugal Golden Visa: To better secure your family’s future, Portugal offers an immense diversified investment option. Investors are free to invest in real – estate and donate to charity or investment funds. For that, a minimum requirement you have to provide like: to make a €1,000,000 capital transfer. It would be best if you make a startup to give 10 job positions. You can also purchase properties with a value that equals €500,000. You can purchase more than that as well. Besides, you can also buy a €350,000 real estate property that is 30 years old.
  • The Spain Golden Visa: The Spanish golden visa provides delicious cuisine, high standard lifestyle, and other educational benefits. To get the Spanish golden visa, you must fulfill the following routes. 

Deposit at least €1,000,000 in your Spanish bank account. In addition, invest €1,000,000 in shares of Spanish businesses. Besides, a mandatory investment of €2,000,000 in government bonds is necessary. 

In whichever country you may apply to, you should follow their rules and regulations, though the application procedure for a golden visa remains almost the same, including the criterion.

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