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Are you looking to take the trip of a lifetime after your wedding? Check out this list of the greatest honeymoon destinations in the world and get traveling.

Top 4 honeymoon destinations for newlywed couples

Selecting a honeymoon destination can be a tiresome yet thrilling task. Once the wedding is over, you need a charming place to travel to with your partner in order to strengthen the bond you share. While deciding the honeymoon destination, you must keep some factors in mind for your Honeymoon Ideas. These factors include your partner’s choice, the budget, the scenic view you are looking for and many more. You must make sure that your partner’s preferences align with yours so as to gain the best experience out of the honeymoon. Some of the most popular and enchanting places that can make great honeymoon ideas have been stated below.


Bali is often considered to be synonymous to ‘paradise’ due to the picturesque view it offers. It is a region in the Indonesian islands which is renowned to be a home to a number of volcanic mountains, beaches and coral reefs. It is a magical mixture of ethnicity, rich heritage, nightlife and scenic beauty. The blend of spirituality and rich heritage, Bali serves as a great platform for honeymoon. You can visit the temples and other areas of historical importance during the day and visit the moonlit beach at night with your special one. Romantic moments spent with your loved one by the sea are priceless.


The Fijian Islands is a Melanesian country in the South Pacific Ocean and is a hub of thrilling and adventurous experience. It comprises of 333 islands out of which 110 are inhabited by the local population. It has a large number of quality resorts and guest houses with appealing ambience for you to attain the best experience during the honeymoon. The luxury resorts are couple friendly and one can thoroughly enjoy activities, both outdoors and indoors. The breath taking view of the sea during sunrise is something to be cherished. Witnessing it with our significant other will be recollected throughout your life.


Mauritius is an island country in the Indian Ocean that is highly renowned for beaches, reef and lagoons. It comprises of a number of dense rainforests, waterfalls and hiking trails. You can participate in several adventure sports like scuba diving and boating with your partner if you seek thrill and fun while travelling. The clear water is a home to diverse aquatic wildlife. The luxury resorts offer high level comfort and privacy for you to indulge in some naughty love making with your spouse.


Paris is a renowned place that has been on the bucket list of almost every individual. It is an active city in Europe that can offer a great deal of marvellous view. You can visit eminent places like the Eiffel Tower and art galleries and museums with your partner and enjoy the peace the city has to offer.

To conclude, honeymoon destinations shall be selected after conducting effective research and it must comply with your budget and preferences. A worthwhile travel experience shall keep relationship issues like cheating in love and arguing, at bay since you will rediscover the person you got married to and will not regret the choice.

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