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After being cooped up at home for over a year, try to fly somewhere new for a change! Take the road less traveled and book some flights to Palanga now!

Cheap Flights from Palanga: A complete guide

Airport in Palanga

Located in the Baltic Sea resort town of Palanga, the airport serves the resort town as well as other local destinations. Lithuania’s third largest airport, Palanga International Airport, serves many flights to Europe. From 1937 to 1941 and then from 1945 to 1963, the Soviet Union Air Force used the airport. Palanga International Airport was used for military purposes for a long time and then in 1991 was registered as a national airport.

Palanga International Airport to City Center

The distance between the center of Palanga and the Baltic Sea International Airport is about 7 kilometers. There are many ways to get to the airport, including public transportation, taxis, and car rentals. In 15-20 minutes, you can reach the city center.

Taking the bus

You can reach the city center Cheap Flights from Palanga airport most conveniently and economically by using city buses. Upon leaving the terminal at Palanga International Airport, you’ll find multiple bus stops within 7 kilometers of the city center. 

With bus number 100, getting to the city center takes 10 minutes, and getting to Klaipeda via the same method takes 35 minutes. Leaving from the terminal in Klaipeda, you can take bus number 100 for just 0.70 Euro. However, passengers going to Klaipeda will have to buy a ticket that costs 2 euros. You can buy your ticket at the ticket sales counters in the terminal or from the bus driver when you board.

Taking a taxi

It is best to take a taxi from Palanga International Airport to the city center in order to reach the city center in a timely manner. Within 10 minutes, you can reach Palanga’s city center from the airport terminal’s taxi stands. 

After you exit the airport terminal, you may see a lot of taxis, but remember that the taxis affiliated with the airport are slightly more expensive than the private taxis. Additionally, taxi companies can pick you up at the airport and deliver you to the Palanga city center at +37060197699 or +37062066633.

Renting a car

The best way to travel within the city is by renting a car. Rental cars are more convenient and cost effective than public transportation for getting around the city. Some of the domestic and foreign car hire companies serving at Palanga International Airport terminal are Avis (+37046490007), Trusticar (+37046311466), Hertz (+37046310737), Sixt (+37052395636), Autocom (+37052409546), Europcar Auto Banga (+37065212777). 

From the official website of the airport as well as the websites of your car rental companies, you can book a car in advance, pick it up within minutes, and reach Palanga city center in less than 10 minutes.

Information about the airport

Palanga Airport, located 7 kilometers from the city center, offers many services. The airport offers a variety of eateries, cafes, and restaurants as well as duty-free shops, grocery stores, and souvenir shops. Besides the exchange office and ATM machines, the airport offers travelers the convenience of VIP lounges, recreation halls, cafés, restaurants, tourist information offices, tourism agencies, and rental car agencies.

When do nonstop (direct) flights depart from Palanga 

The airline determines flight schedules. Our website and mobile app allow you to select the arrival time for your reservation on our website. Palanga can be reached in the morning, afternoon, evening, or at night, depending on your preference. As well as specifying your expected arrival time, you can also provide an exact arrival time.


Palanga is the busiest summer resort in Lithuania. 

The city is home to a regional radio station, FM Palanga. 

The Tiškevičiai Palace’s park was converted into a botanical garden in 1960. Today it contains 200 different types of trees and shrubs, including an oak tree planted by President Antanas Smetona. 

In 1919, after the breakup of the Russian Empire, Palanga became a part of Latvia, like the rest of the Courland Governorate. 

There are more than 100 cafes on Basanavičiaus Main Street. 

According to some articles, Palanga was a favorite place for the president of Lithuania, Antanas Smetona. He usually came to the resort for 4 to 6 weeks. He was always accompanied by part of the chancellery, two maids, a cook, two drivers, and guards. 

In Palanga pharmacy, Griūningas invented and patented the famous mixture of 27-year-old Lithuanian herbs: “Three Nine” (Žalios Devynerios). 

Palanga pharmacy used to sell hanger blood, mummy powder, and wolf claws. 

In Palanga, there are 11 species of spruce in Birutė Park alone.

Until 1921, Lithuanians fought with Latvians over Palanga, and eventually Palanga was passed to Lithuania.


Vila Komoda 

Located in the intimate boutique hotel of renowned Lithuanian chef Martynas Meidus, Palanga’s best restaurant is also one of the five best in Lithuania. Expect delicate, beautiful, contemporary Lithuanian dishes you’ll be reluctant to tear down and expert combinations of local ingredients. 

Restaurant Onorė 

Overlooking the river in a quiet spot, this is Palanga’s most inventive restaurant with a short and creative menu – tuna tartare with avocado, clam chowder with coconut milk, and squid with lemon peel confit. 

Molinis ąsotis 

This handsome half-timbered restaurant stands out from the rich competition on Palanga’s main street by not only serving excellent food but also selling art and jewelry. The wide-ranging European menu also includes Lithuanian dishes such as meat-filled potato pancakes and boiled pork knuckle with peas and cracklins.


The appealing garden ambiance and mismatched furniture, friendly staff and a menu full of expertly prepared salads, decent burgers, and a variety of breakfast dishes, including a superlative version of syrniki (fried cottage cheese fritters), keeps visitors coming back for more and more.

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