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Cruise To Paradise: Exploring Islands On An Unforgettable Voyage 2023

Are you planning your next holiday excursion? If a cruise is not part of what you are working on, you should rethink your holiday plans. Cruises are an excellent way to unwind when on holiday. 

While many people think cruises are reserved for the rich with a lot of disposable income, it doesn’t always have to be so. Going on a simple cruise to one of the best destinations worldwide can help you relax without breaking the bank! 

Does this seem too good to be true? Let’s discuss the Paul Gauguin cruise across the Pacific  Islands, which is guaranteed to be an unforgettable voyage in 2023.

Planning Out Your Voyage

Like any trip, the planning phase for such an exceptional voyage distinguishes between an excellent experience and a dull one. Fortunately, the team at Paul Gauguin plans out many of the activities in their itinerary in advance. So, all you have to worry about is the specific cruise package to go for. 

The package will determine your Paul Gauguin cruise fares, the ticketing requirements, and the entire duration of the trip. You are definitely going to have an unforgettable trip regardless of the package you opt for.

Best Things To Do On Your Paul Gauguin Cruise

The thrill of the Paul Gauguin cruise is the range of activities you will enjoy on this unforgettable voyage. The cruise includes both onboard activities and cruise excursions on the various islands the ship will visit. The full selection of activities ensures something for homebodies and outgoing travelers.

  • Onboard Activities

Some of the popular onboard activities you can try out on your voyage include the following:

  • Pool And Pool Bar

The pool and pool bar are one of the most illustrious activities you can try out before you get to the Pacific Islands you want to explore. You can relax on the poolside with a drink in hand as you gaze at the beautiful scenery in the ocean.

  • La Palette Dance

If dancing when on holiday is your thing, then the La Palette venue will certainly give you the thrill you seek. Ordinarily, this venue serves as the breakfast hall for the Paul Gauguin cruise. But in the evening, it transforms into a beautiful dance lounge for you to dance under the sea night sky.

  • Relaxing At The Piano Lounge

Not every activity on the cruise needs to be engaging. Even a relaxing spree at the piano lounge as you listen to the wonderful tunes will help you unwind on the cruise. 

  • SCUBA Fun

But if you are looking for something exciting and thrilling? Then you can try the SCUBA diving experience onboard the Paul Gauguin. You can dive into beautiful reefs filled with some of the most beautiful fish you’ve ever seen. However, you need to get the PADI certification before starting the dives.

  • Cruise Excursions

Now let’s talk about the off-ship experiences on the islands themselves!

  • Spending The Day At Huahine Beach

The Huahine Beach is a beautiful white-sand beach with exceptional views of the Society Islands. You can spend your time relaxing on the sand as you gaze upon the famous Bora Bora and Raiatea Islands. If the weather gets a little nippy in the evening, you can look at the beautiful sunset from the beach restaurants as you sip on a hot beverage.

  • Sunbathing At Bora Bora

You can’t go on the Paul Gauguin cruise and fail to try the famous sunbathing experience at Bora Bora. The Bora Bora Islands have some amazing lagoons ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Your memorable experience on these islands will certainly be worth a special entry in your diary.

  • Tour The Takitumu Conservation

If you are a traveler who enjoys the nature experience as you look at exotic wildlife and birds, then the Takitumu Conservation tour at Rarotonga, Cook Islands, will be exciting. This three-and-a-half-hour trip allows you to visit the kakerori bird and learn about the conservation efforts to keep the bird from extinction.

  • Cultural Tours

Going on the Paul Gauguin cruise can only be a worthwhile experience if you take the time to explore the cultural experiences of the indigenous communities on the Pacific islands. Some of your best experiences will include visiting the community at  Taha’a, Society Islands, the sacred places at Huahine, and the Vava’u community.

Take time to learn about these communities’ heritage and unique experiences. Don’t forget to try out their interesting meals and enrich your palate. The cultural tour is also ideal for taking photos to remember your trip. 

Final Thoughts

Paradise might look like it’s far away and imaginary. So, why don’t you create your own paradise by going on a cruise voyage across the Pacific? The Paul Gauguin cruise is one of those cruises that you will never forget. 

The cruise has a variety of both onboard and off-board experiences for the books! From just relaxing on the piano lounges to the cultural tours and conservation explorations, there is something for any traveler. Book your Paul Gauguin cruise today and enjoy one of the most unforgettable experiences of your life!

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