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Tips to plan your 2021 Christmas Holidays in London

If you’re in London this Christmas, wondering how to plan and spend your holidays, this list will have you covered. There are plenty of things to do, such as enjoying the West End musical Wicked, seeing the Christmas tree, going to delicious restaurants, and so on. Enjoy the best holiday of your life as you watch this city come to life during the holiday season. Here are a few tips on what you can do to plan and spend your Christmas Holidays here.

  • Visit Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park

Hyde Park has one of the biggest Christmas fairs in all of UK and you simply cannot miss this one specially areas where they create Christmas village scenes. That is also why it tops our list. It has the Winter Wonderland which is a must-visit. The fun-filled carnival is one of the best events in London with adventure rides, food stalls, shopping stalls and so many games to play for both kids and adults.

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  • Shop your heart out 

During Christmas, London is full of exhibitions and shopping festivals. Go crazy on a shopping spree as you get the experience how lively, exciting and fun-loving London is during the holiday season. There are new jewelry and clothes collections out for the holidays and are available at discounted rates too. The whole city comes together in celebration as streets are filled with spruce trees, Christmas décor, mini Santas and the elves for decoration.

  • A visit to Trafalgar Square to admire the biggest Christmas Tree

Trafalgar Square has the biggest Spruce Tree put up and decorated beautifully. It started as a tradition by the Norwegian people who gifted the tree to London every year and the tradition continues till date. The massive sight is truly one of a kind.

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  • Watch the Christmas Lights

Christmas has the entire London lit up with bright lights. Watch as the city sparkles with joy. Every street, nook and corner is decorated. The biggest decoration is upon the London Eye as it stands tall gleaming in the sky, looking just like the lab grown diamonds Hatton garden. Simply walking around instantly lights up your mood and the festivities are upon you. 

  • Attend the midnight mass at Westminister Abbey

The Westminister Abbey Church next to the Palace of Westminister dates back to almost a thousand years. Attend the best midnight mass in the city in this Church. Christmas Eve brings about a different joy in everyone and the midnight mass is enjoyed by one and all. We highly recommend this for travellers to London.

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  • Ice Skating

London has quite a few ice skating rinks and Christmas is the time people rush to them in groups to enjoy some skating time. The rinks are decorated with backdrops of London’s famous and iconic buildings. There is beautiful lighting everywhere and it is truly a glittering, magical experience to skate away in the festive season.

  • Get gifts from Santa

Christmas is incomplete without gifts from Santa. Visit Santa Grotto in London to meet many Santa Clauses and get gifts from them too. The locals call him Father Christmas, so you can too. Travelers and natives come together in the Santa Grotto and kids love spending time here with the Santa Clauses. It’s like going back to children’s books all over again. If you’re the Santa in your family, consider visiting hatton garden jewelers for some of the best jewelry collections during this season.

So put your Santa caps on, dress up and get going to enjoy London’s biggest holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone!

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