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Charter Fishing For the First Time – An Easy Guide

If you have landed on this webpage, it means you have decided to opt for charter fishing. Fishing charter boats offer budget-friendly trips with your friends and family members and a unique experience of fishing in the open water. 

Even if you are not an experienced angler, it would be a fun way of bonding with friends, family members, and people of different racial backgrounds. With the help of industry experts, we have put together an easy guide including effective charter fishing tips for beginners.

Before the Charter Fishing Tips 

  • Communication – Before booking the trip, contact the guide or the captain to know what the crew has in store for your group. Answer any questions you have related to fishing and the trip. Book the trip if the crew member answers your queries satisfactorily.
  • Policies – It is always a good idea to check with the crew member about the ‘onboard policies’. Most fishing charters do not allow people to consume drugs, alcohol, and certain food items. Additionally, know whether or not fuel costs are included in the cost. 
  • Departure Time – Inquire about the departure time and place as you would not want to be late for your first fishing charter trip. If any of the group members arrive late, the time of your fishing trip will most likely be cut short.

Prepare For the Trip 

After gathering all the essential information from the guide, the next step is to pack. Packing for the first charter fishing trip can be overwhelming. Wear clothes depending on the season, and be sure to wear full-sleeved shirts to prevent sunburn.

In addition, pack rubber-soled sneakers, sunscreen, polarized glasses, drinking water, and seasickness medications. Bring two coolers, one for the fish and the other for food and beverages.

The Day of the Trip 

  • Arrive Early – Since it is your first time and you are likely not aware of the departure place, make sure to arrive 15 minutes early. As you arrive early, there would be plenty of time to meet the guide, captain, and crew members.
  • Meet the Crew – Getting acquainted with the crew will help you establish expectations of what you want to accomplish from this unique trip. Many guides have stories to tell and wisdom to share. Some will also give you valuable fishing tips.
  • Fishing – Here comes the most exciting part, one should focus on the experience instead of the number of fish they catch. It is possible that you will not be able to catch any fish, do not be hard on yourself. You will be spending time with your close friends and family members while learning a new skill. 

After the Trip 

After hours of fishing, a person will most likely be tired when they get back to the dock. Make sure you have collected your belongings before leaving the boat. Have a customary photo with the crew and group members to remember this day. Leave a review to let others know about your experience with the kona sportfishing charters trip.

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