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Big bike touring is growing in popularity. Find out what some of the most important tips for big bike touring is here.

Enjoy the Freedom & Independence of Big Bike Touring

Touring on a big motorcycle is certainly nothing new, indeed, people have been doing this since the end of WWII and when looking for an exciting holiday, touring on two wheels is very appealing. Indeed, you probably know at least one person who rides and if you are into excitement and adventure, you could do worse than take up big bike touring.

Choosing a Touring Motorcycle

While all the major bike manufacturers have a range of touring bikes, Wheels Honda in Leicester is the ideal venue to book a test ride on one of the luxurious Gold Wing models. If that is a little too big and heavy, why not go for a sports tourer? This gives you the speed and handling of a sports machine with the comfort of a tourer and they range from 650cc – 1200cc, so there will be a bike that is just right.

Once you have narrowed your choice down to a couple of models, arrange for a test ride, which will help you make the right decision. It is important that the bike is not too heavy for your size and that you can touch the ground when seated on the bike and the riding position is suitable.

Planning your Expeditions

If you combine your bike touring with camping, this really does open some doors and those glorious long weekend bank holidays are perfect for a camping adventure. It doesn’t matter where in the UK you reside; you are never far from stunning natural beauty and now that the pandemic is fading, you can enjoy the 2021 summer on two wheels.

The Internet is a great source of information and you can find out about places such as the New Forest, the Lake District, Cornwall & Devon, to name but a few. If you’re planning on an overnight stay at a local inn, this can be reserved online, or if camping, book a space to ensure you won’t be disappointed.


The first thing to acquire is suitable protective clothing, which comes in the form of leather jacket and trousers (thick denim will suffice), a pair of boots that offer ankle protection and a pair of good quality leather motorcycle gloves. The most important item is your crash helmet, which should be of the full-face variety and of acceptable quality and with a correctly fitting helmet, you are protected.

Many riders prefer to wear a Hi-Vis vest over their leathers, which helps make other road users aware of your presence. Riding with the headlights on is also advised, as this makes you more visible. 

The Road to Big Bikes

As you would expect, it is not permitted for a person to ride a very powerful bike from the word go; indeed, you have to start with a small bike, around 125cc and after a couple of years and some testing, you can obtain the Class A motorcycle license that entitles you to ride any bike. If you have a full UK car driving license, then you are permitted to ride a 125cc motorcycle on a provisional basis, which is the A1 License, then comes the A2 License and finally, Class A.

Cheap Holidays

Aside from being an adventure, bike touring can be a very cheap way to spend your holiday, especially when combined with camping. For a one-time investment, you can kit yourself out and holidays will be very affordable, with a level of comfort. Once you have experienced touring, you will wish to plan another expedition during the long and hot 2021 summer. If you would like to complete your holiday with the most favorite movie and would like to visit there location so have a look here.

Bike Maintenance

Much like your car, your touring bike requires regular servicing; replacing the engine oil and filter, checking spark plugs and the condition of the chain and brake pads, are all tasks that need to be done at specified mileage intervals.

Tyres should be closely inspected on a weekly basis and service details can be recorded in the rear section of the bike owner’s manual, while you should carry a small tool kit on your travels, just in case. It is important to check for Covid-19 updates prior to planning any journey, as things can change very quickly.

Once you have experienced a big bike touring holiday, you will no doubt want to plan another trip in the very near future, as touring on a motorcycle is a great way to experience the natural beauty that the UK is known for.

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