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The Best Water Villas For Family In Maldives

The best water villas in the Maldives provide an unforgettable vacation experience with distinctive designs, opulent luxuries, a feeling of seclusion, and doors that open to a breathtaking beachfront.

With a variety of individualized amenities that you’ll appreciate in the comforts of your courtyard, these are unquestionably the most excellent accommodations you can choose for a vacation in the Maldives, notably for extended visits.

These choices of the most well-liked oceanview villas in the Maldives offer lodging choices suitable for newlyweds and families, and groups of friends. Many honeymooners desire to stay in Maldives luxury villas or resorts perched above a stunning island. 

The lure of staying in the opulent bedrooms of a water villa overlooking blue waters, where diving and snorkeling are practically at your front, is great to withstand.

The Best Family Watervillas In The Maldives In 2022

Although staying in a water villa in the Maldives may seem necessary for optimal holidays for honeymooners, this is not necessarily the case. 

Kids can also find them immensely interesting, and many oceanfront villa resorts offer childcare facilities, kid’s activities, and even academic activities for kids. For all the specifics, see each spa’s booking website.

Here are our picks for the top family-friendly overwater villas in the Maldives for a different kind of beach holiday in 2022.

#1. Soneva Jani Ocean Villa

Soneva Jani, the most opulent luxury resort in the Maldives and a top hotel name globally, is encircled by stunning beaches draped in thick tropical vegetation and a blue paradise with impossibly clean water and 360-degree sights of the Indian Ocean. 

Soneva Jani now features 24 water apartments and one seaside villa, even if more seaside villas will be built in the future. 

All 24 spectacular ocean views, the biggest in the Maldives, have a sizable swimming pool that overlooks the water, and a few of the villas have water activities that take you down to the lagoon right from the terrace.

The primary bedroom’s glass roof, which folds down with a button so that visitors may rest at night and watch the sky, is the showpiece of the villas on the sea.

#2. Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

A premium 5-star luxury hotel called Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi is elevating the luxury cultural experience in the Maldives in a more excellent direction. 

The hotel, which debuted on July 1st, 2019, increases the norm for contemporary vacation packages while meeting the specific needs of its discriminating visitors. 

The hotel, which spans three islands of the South Male Atoll, provides visitors worldwide with 138 lavishly furnished villas in an inspiring environment and outstanding True Waldorf Quality service. 

The resort offers ten unique eating options, such as a tremendous lush greenery café with breathtaking views.

#3. OZEN Reserve Bolifushi Resort

The gorgeous island of OZEN Reserve Bolifushi is perfect for honeymooners and families seeking a stress-free vacation in the Maldives. 

OZEN Reserve is an opulent getaway with private swimming in each resort, huge accommodations, 24-hour fine dining, and vast white beaches and blue waters, approximately 20 minutes by motorboat from the Male airfield. 

The exclusive island resort is framed by stunning natural coral and crystal clear waters, and it emanates class, panache, and ageless refinement. 

Everything about your visit, from luxurious oceanfront villas with waterfalls to great dinners in exotic locales and rink dancing by the ocean, is carefully designed to pamper you and give you a trip you won’t soon forget.

#4. Kudadoo Maldives Private Island

The latest update to the inventory of renowned luxury hotel Crown & Champa Resorts, Kudadoo Maldives Private Island by Hurawalhi, has begun operations. 

Kudadoo promises a quiet escape, especially explicitly built for the more picky visitor being the top 5, genuinely all-inclusive island in the Maldives, all approachable by a 40-minute picturesque ride onboard a personal jet. 

However, the luxury resort, part of the northern Lhaviyani lagoon and is described by the motto “Freedom Reimagined,” opens up with simple activities as the facility aims to provide everything, whenever, wherever. Private valets are ready around-the-clock to help arrange for actual, sensory-stimulating events.

Only 15 overwater Ocean Residences at Kudadoo, with a 44 square meter deck jacuzzi, make it ideal for private rentals. 

Kudadoo, which embraces abundant living characteristics, provides the lure of the purest forms of escape. 

This haven for the spirit gives you luxury, privacy, and open relationships. Given its all-encompassing pleasure, Kudadoo is certain to delight even the most acceptable selective visitor. At Kudadoo, Everything is offered Whenever and Wherever.

#5. Niyama Private Island Maldives

The hotel Niyama Private Islands Maldives was created by Per Aquum and is co-owned by Anantara. 

Niyama Private Islands Maldives, which are spread across two beautiful beaches, perfectly captures Maldivian grace in the form of contemporary aesthetics.

Niyama is a vibrant hotel that strikes a mix between quiet and a feeling of adventure, passion, and pleasure. It is well noted for its contemporary latest fashion. 

The attentive traveler can choose from a variety of accommodations. Guests should rest in one of the two Ocean Pavilions with the big pools for the most fun. 

This 350 sq m villa has everything the facility provides, including modern conveniences, roomy balconies, an Indoor swimming pool, a spa, and more. The “all personal” canopy experience includes meals, a bar for cocktails, and a selection of drinks.

Reviews On The Best Luxurious Water Villas In Maldives

Although the Maldives has become the nation best identified with the overwater villa or ocean palace, the idea got its start elsewhere. The resort managers quickly saw that the waterways around their multi-island haven were ideal for a building overlooking the beach villas. 

They built, and as a result, the Maldives now boasts the bulk of the world’s most significant overlooking sea villas and water palaces. Most beach tourists vacation there, notably those who are there for a romance or other dreamy holiday.

As a result, you have more options for oceanfront villas here than anyplace else in the world, and luxury hotel rivalry has raised standards to an exceptional level.

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