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5 Absolute best Dubai Tours and Excursions

Dubai city tour is the best excursion for leisure and kids. In our life, we all have imagined once to visit Dubai in our live. Dubai has acquired one of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, which is BurjKhalifa. 

There are enough things in Dubai to enjoy the rest of your life in a crazy mood. But they all can cost an arm or leg. Some Dubai excursions are expensive enough to swallow up your whole salary in a single day. 

The tourism sector is the main source of UAE GDP; it adds up to 43.3 billion to the GDP.Also, Dubai became the 7th most visited city in the world, with more than 16.33 million tourists from all around the world. 

If you ever visit Dubai, try visiting these top five places of Dubai Tours, which are swanky. Without further ado, let’s hear them, respectively.

Burj Khalifa 

The clouds touch the sky, so Burj Khalifa does, too. It is half a mile skyscraper with more than 2,722 ft. You won’t probably don’t want to miss this out if you ever land in Dubai. The hotels, offices, and views from the top of the building have become an attraction for visitors. 

Moreover, floor levels 124 and 125 are the most popular. The cost of visiting these can vary in different time zones. On these floors, you can experience the sunset inthe daytime and mesmerizing view of Dubai during the nighttime. 

Your Dubai Tour isn’t completed without this. 

Dubai Safari Park 

Dubai Safari Park is the best place to visit if you have a kid along with you. They have different packages for different age groups, which makes it affordable to tour this. This safari has a frolicsome environment and has over 3000+ animals living there. 

The different species include 78 mammals, ten non-homogenous carnivores, and 50 types of reptiles who want to elicit a smile from you. 

There are different villages like Arabian, Explorer, Asian, and African, which have exhilarating experiences if you visit any of these.

Dubai Desert Tour 

Dune bashing, Sandboarding, and Camel rides feel memorable in the scorching heat. Dubai desert includes luxury to local experiences. There are night stays, BBQs, and dances. 

Furthermore, there are different tour packages for the Dubai Desert tour;some of them are: – 

  • Morning Desert Safari | $40 per person | 150 AED. 
  • Self-drive Desert Safari | $11 per person | 40 AED. 
  • Overnight Desert Safari | $68 per person | 250 AED. 

Water parks of Dubai 

Coming on 4th on our list is Dubai Water Park. There are two major watermarks in Dubai, Aquaventurenear the Palm and Wild Wadi near Burj Al Arab. These two parks are the real competitors each other. Both parks have enthralling and amusing slides. 

Dubai Marina Dinner

Dinner at the Dubai Marina cruise looks fascinating for the tourist. It’s the most popular place in Dubai, where people like to visit. You can visit this by boat, bike, car or any other vehicle. It can be a little bit expensive but have a lot to offer you.

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