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5 Best places in Asia to visit During Christmas

The onset of the month of December marks the start of the holiday season which lasts till the end of January. People are generally in a festive mood and love to travel during this time. Most countries deck up to celebrate the festival of Christmas and the visuals of these places are simply breathtaking. There are several places in the continent of Asia that are worth travelling to at this time of the year. Read on to know our top 5 recommendations.


The Philippines is the most Christmassy country that you’ll ever come across. The Christmas celebrations start early in September and continue till the month of January. You can spend the holidays on the islands, the capital city or any place of your choice. You will not miss the festive cheer around you irrespective of the place that you are staying in. The streets and the malls are decorated with pretty lights and you can hear the carols being played in the background. Don’t forget to indulge in the delicious Christmas cuisine of the Philippines which includes lechon and puto bumbong.


The Japanese people celebrate the Christmas and New Year seasons in a special way. They believe that the dawn of the New Year brings you blessings and abundance and hence they celebrate it with fervor by hosting parties across the country. They also consider this time of the year to be auspicious for romance and observe oseibo where gifts are exchanged between companies. Commercial places all over Japan decorate their offices with bright lights that instantly put you in the festive mood. Japan has some of the best hill stations in the world which experience snow during this time of the year and therefore offer great skiing experiences to locals and tourists alike.


Thailand is a popular travel destination for most travellers across the world and this place has a totally different feel to it during the Christmas time. Christmas is an official holiday in Thailand and the roads, offices, houses, hotels and convenience stores get decked up with lights and put up a Christmas tree. A place with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Thailand is dotted with several luxury resorts along its shores which provide some of the best Christmas experiences to all their guests.


Singapore is a secular country that celebrates Christmas as one of its major festivals and does so in full fervor. The entire country lights up in a hearty way to celebrate this festival. There is so much shopping done during this time and the entertainment avenues are filled with people enjoying themselves and having a good time with family and friends. You are sure to spot people singing, dancing and Santa Claus greeting people around the city. The decorations of the streets resemble a candyland complete with gummies and jellies and are delightful to look at. The malls and shops remain open for long hours and offer special festive deals to the people.


India is a diverse country where people of all religions celebrate Christmas with enthusiasm. The best place to visit in India during this time is Goa, but you can also travel near Pune or go to the mountains such as Shimla and Manali if you want to experience some snow. Indians celebrate the Christmas holiday by going to the midnight mass and indulge in parties thereafter. There are several delicacies that are included in the Christmas feast which you should definitely taste. Make sure to enjoy the grandeur of the Christmas festival and the New Year parties when you visit India during this time of the year.

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