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When taking a cross-country road trip in a luxury RV, you want to be sure you have all the same comforts of home (for the most part). 

6 Essential Things to Bring on Your Luxury RV

Traveling can be very luxurious and relaxing. It can also be stressful, or at least the preparation can be. When taking a cross-country road trip in a luxury RV, you want to be sure you have all the same comforts of home (for the most part). 

As you are making checklists to consider the staple items such as clothing and food, there are a few items that you definitely don’t want to forget to bring. Add these six essential things to your luxury RV packing list.

Outdoor Gear

You always want to keep your destination in mind when traveling, but also consider the things you may want to spontaneously do en route. While your final destination may be the beach, you also want to have what you need to take that waterfall hike that you pass on the road.

Consider everything that you’ll need in different circumstances. You also want to keep in mind the items that may already be included or available at your destination so as not to bring items that take up necessary space.

Outdoor gear includes attire – shoes, gloves, hats, snorkeling masks, anything that you are going to need for the activities that you and your travel companions love. 


Even if you have the latest model of iPhone, if photos are important to you for capturing your journey or cherished moments, you will want to have a good camera. This doesn’t mean you need to spend a small fortune on a camera, but it may be something you want to consider.

Using your phone for photos limits the quality, not to mention the battery life of your phone. You may also want to consider an inexpensive, waterproof camera specifically for travels involving water activities. The moments you will be able to capture will be priceless.

Dump Hose

It’s time to talk about the nast stuff. That’s right, even when traveling in a luxury RV, you will need a dump hose. These are used to remove waste water from the RV when the storage tanks get full. Dump stations are found at campsites and truck stops along the route.

This situation should be self explanatory, but when the tanks get full, they need to be emptied. Unless you have a set-up where your luxury RV has a copostable toilet, use of a dump hose is inevitable.

Even with more off-grid options, some type of cleaning or emptying will be required. Be sure to fully read your owner’s manual and instructions for the dump hose before using it to avoid any damage to the RV. 

Leveling Blocks

An item often forgotten about until needed is the leveling block. Although most travel experts will tell you that RVs don’t usually require leveling, when you find your RV parked on an incline you may feel otherwise.

Luckily, leveling blocks aren’t really heavy and don’t take up much room. They can be easily stored away in case they are needed. You can even be the campsite hero for anyone else that may need a hand getting straightened out.

Chairs & Rug

Having enough seating while traveling is not something people usually forget. Folding chairs are easily stored and lightweight, and can be pulled out quickly when needed. You will not want to spend your time sitting in the RV, especially if the weather is nice. 

Another thing to consider is bringing along an all-weather rug. Creating a make-shift patio can extend your living space while traveling. Regardless of how luxurious your RV is, it will feel cramped after a while and stretching outside will be beneficial. 

Creating an outdoor lounging space also encourages conversation, and can be an inviting space to get to know your campsite neighbors.

Fan & Heated Blanket

While you may want to avoid bringing a space heater for RV travel due to their fire risk, having a fan on hand is essential. If your heater goes out, you can always build a fire. If your RV air conditioning goes awry however, you may be in trouble. 

While most travel fans are operated by USB, there are some battery operated fans on the market that are ideal for outdoor and unplugged use. You definitely want to get a good night’s sleep when you are on the road, a fan can definitely help make that happen.

Safer than a space heater, a heated blanket can make a huge difference in your sleeping comfort as well. Have these two small items on hand and rest easy.

Your luxury RV is your home away from home and it’s important to consider not only you and your family’s comfort on the journey, but the logistics as well. By including these six essential items to bring on your luxury RV, you are on your way. 

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