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The beaches in Abu Dhabi are versatile, and there is something for everyone here.

4 Things That Abu Dhabi Do Better Than Dubai

The UAE attracts hundreds and thousands of global travellers every day, thanks to its stunning and attractive cities, energised by modern wealth and extravagance, while carefully preserving its cultural diversity. Using Wego is one of the easiest means by which travellers conveniently book tickets to the UAE and the rest of the world, all in a few clicks. While the city of Dubai is almost synonymous with the country, the glitz and glamour of Dubai often rob tourists of the opportunity to experience yet another marvellous Emirate, the capital city of Abu Dhabi.  

The Emirati metropolis of Abu Dhabi is home to some of the most important financial and cultural megacentres in the UAE but is often overshadowed by Dubai. However, Abu Dhabi is better than Dubai in more than one way. Once you find out how, you’ll want to book your ticket to Abu Dhabi using Wego right away!

The serenity is unmatched 

Dubai is undeniably more loud, bold and brazen than its neighbouring, calmer city of Abu Dhabi. But if chaos is not what you are looking for during your holidays, head to Abu Dhabi. It is not surprising that a large chunk of tourists entering the country stay occupied with visiting just Dubai, making Abu Dhabi and other Emirates relatively less crowded and messy. 

If a trip away from a lot of people and more quality time with family and friends is what you need, then a trip to Abu Dhabi is just what the doctor ordered. Moreover, it might be a fresh change of air to skip visiting the usually crowded Burj Khalifa or other cliched attractions of Dubai. However, this does not mean that Abu Dhabi doesn’t have its own jewels and is home to some of the most visited monuments and attractions such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Ferrari World and Emirates Palace. 

Every year, Ocean City welcomes around 8 million or more visitors around the year. Find out how to choose the best hotels to enjoy your scenic vacation!

Fun accommodations and amusement parks 

Sure, Dubai may seem to have a slew of entertainment options, be it lavish hotels and resorts or out-of-the-world amusement parks and rides. But Abu Dhabi also has its own fair share of fancy hotels and fun stuff to do. You can easily find several iconic hotels in the capital city, from the Arabesque haven of the Emirates Palace to the luxurious renaissance-styled Ritz Carlton Abu Dhabi, on Wego

Why restrict yourself to visiting just one theme park when you can go to three in one place? That’s Abu Dhabi’s YasIsland for you. The award-winning theme parks on the Island include Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, the world’s first amusement park dedicated to Ferrari, the Yas Waterworld, one of the world’s leading water parks, and Warner Bros, the world’s largest indoor theme park. 

Traditional centres of importance  

Culture manifests itself in places of tranquillity and traditional prowess, and Abu Dhabi is the perfect embodiment of the time-honoured culture of the Emirates. The sprawling white marble Sheikh Zayed Mosque, the iconic landmark attraction of the city, accurately represents the Islamic values of tolerance and peace, drawing millions of visitors, both Muslims and non-muslims, with open hands. 

Accurately described as the cultural heart of the UAE, you will find many fun-filled activities authentic to the Arabic landscape, such as desert safaris, traditional Arab music and dance performances and wonderful Arab poetry. The government also heavily invests in upholding this cultural purity of the city. As long as you do not hurt the cultural sentiments they revere, you will definitely have a great time here. 

The beaches are better 

Abu Dhabi is the largest Emirate of the UAE, comprising 200 islands and boasting a coastline extending over 700 km. Surrounded by the beautiful waters of the Persian Gulf, the beaches of Abu Dhabi are impeccably clean and serene like the rest of the city. Compared to Dubai, these beaches are also less crowded and more fun to visit. 

The beaches in Abu Dhabi are versatile, and there is something for everyone here. Be it the white sand Saadiyat Beach rich with wildlife to lush green trees, the turquoise waters of Corniche Beach studded with swaying palms, the private beaches of luxury resorts and hotels, or the remote beaches on distant islands, no matter your likes or dislikes, you will find the right beach for you here. 

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