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Joaquin Phoenix in the 'Joker' teaser traces an origin story full of angst and distorted humor – not to mention a hefty dose of relatability.

Finally! Joaquin Phoenix meets his creepy match: Watch the ‘Joker’ teaser

Joaquin Phoenix’s mumbly, croaking voice and eerie hairlip have lent his signature unique weakness to his portrayal of feckless tyrants (Gladiator) and cucky personal letter-writing assistants (Her) – not to mention a try-hard fictionalized version of himself (I’m Still Here) – but it could be argued none of his roles over the years has truly the matched the actor’s onscreen creep level.

Well move over, Emperor Commodus, as the creepiest-yet character in Phoenix has arrived in the classic DC comic book villain The Joker. The teaser shows us an origin story full of all the angst and distorted reflection of humor you’d expect in the bad guy’s backstory – not to mention a hefty dose of relatability. Maybe this will be the final hit to Batman’s heroism – we can finally root for the scary mask of The Joker’s chaotic evil destruction over the turgid chaotic good vigilantism of the Dark Knight.

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