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A thumbnail can make or break a video's performance on YouTube. Find out how to make the perfect thumbnail with this helpful guide for new YouTubers.

Important tips to make Intriguing YouTube Thumbnail by Wondershare Pixcut

YouTube thumbnails let the audience see a fast picture of your video as they’re surfing YouTube. The YouTube thumbnail is a solution feature to create your video show up and more views. We suggest using Wondershare PixCut, an online surroundings remover device that’ll support you taking out scenes from a picture within seconds.

The essential part of your complete design method has the correct size. Once you select the size that identifies your style, keep steadiness and utilize them during your following videos so your joiners would recognize your YouTube videos from the feed.

Part 1: Tips to Create the Best YouTube Thumbnail

A video thumbnail plays the role of a book cover for videos. It’s the first thing that viewers notice when deciding what to watch. Oftentimes, thumbnails on YouTube videos can prove to be the “make or break” part of your viewership. Here are tips and techniques to make your video thumbnails absolutely irresistible.

Needs of professional YouTuber for ideal thumbnail

You can utilize a proper free background remover to perform this work. As well as this, some other strategies help you make attractive thumbnails for your YouTube videos. Hopefully, you can make out that it’s an awful plan to let YouTube turn a monitor taken from your video into a thumbnail. As well as for this to occur, you require to converse the video visibly.

If it consists of your top guidelines for spiritual development, then create an excessively optimistic face.

Add Large Texts

A key part of creating good thumbnails is to add text to them. The text should be related to the title and content of the video. Moreover, make sure that the font size is big enough to be read easily. Squinting to read texts on a thumbnail can prove to be a major turnoff for some people.

Insert Clipart or Stickers

To make your thumbnails more interesting, you can consider adding a clipart or stickers. Colorful graphics can help elevate your thumbnail greatly, making it go from bland to well-seasoned with just a little effort.

Use Contrasting Colors

Another thing to bear in mind when designing a thumbnail is that it contains contrasting colors of background and text, making both highly visible. Colors that complement each other well appeal more in the viewer’s eyes. If everything appears to be a clash, viewers are most likely to just move on to the next video.

Make Use of Editing Software

These days, various types of thumbnail makers are available in the market to help you assist in the task. You can make use of these like the Wondershare PixCut to create prestigious thumbnails for your videos.

Adjust According to the Targeted Audience

The content of the thumbnail varies greatly according to the viewers that it is targeted at. Types of thumbnail designs are dependent upon the content.

For channel owners that want to talk about their daily life experiences, the thumbnails speak differently than those videos that are targeted for business ventures. Similarly, videos focused on cooking and traveling discrete feature thumbnails.

Keep an Eye on the Size

An ideal YouTube thumbnail is of the size 1280 x 720 pixels. The minimum width is 640 pixels, while the recommended aspect ratio for previews is 16:9. It is done practically, and thumbnails are compressed and appear small in search results. A maximum image size of 2Mbs can be uploaded in JPG, PNG, BMP, or GIF file formats.

Choose a photo of the thumbnail makers

YouTube will allow you to post any image from your PC as your video’s compact. To create a great thumbnail in the Fotojet application, think of including a discussion head. People are, as expected, drawn to faces because it’s a fixed survival device to support us in quickly gauging someone’s feelings and deciding if they’re a risk.

After choosing the correct image, the after that method would be to take out its background. It’s essential to erase the picture’s setting because it’ll assist you to increase reliability for your channel. Ensure any disturbance is caused by your background. In this case, remove background and select an impartial one.

You can utilize other picture editing tools to perform the job, but we all recognize how lengthy it can be to locate each junction point to differentiate the subject’s backdrop.

Part 2: Best Photo Background Removal Tool Wondershare PixCut

A funky or a transparent background? A professional display or a customized card for your loved one? Instagram profile pictures or display for a job offer? We got it all covered by a mere tap of a button. Unleash your imagination and go fierce with Wondershare PixCut.

Step 1: Upload Image

The first step is to upload the image to PixCut. To do so, click on the “Upload” button that shall be available in the middle of the screen. You can also copy and paste the image. An alternate method is to drag and drop the image in the program. PixCut also offers a “type URL” option for web images.

Step 2: Making Background Transparent

When the file upload is complete, PixCut shall start to do its job, i.e., make a background transparent. The program carries out this function on its own. You just have to wait for a short while.

Step 3: Preview and Edit

Once the program is finished removing the background from the image, it shall preview the final product. You can view and see if it requires further editing, like the insertion of a new background or some shadows.

Step 4: Download Image

The final step is to click on the “Download” button present on-screen to save the file with its background removed to your device. Users that have access to paid plans can also save the image in HD quality.


The thumbnail feature should never be overlooked if you wish to gain a large number of views on your YouTube channel. The importance of a good thumbnail can be seen in well-established YouTubers.

Improving YouTube views is straightforward. Make sure to use the Wondershare PixCut to help you remove the background from the image online. Follow the tips given above to create proficient thumbnails and increase your views considerably.

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