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10 Best ways to Gain More Engagement On YouTube

So, you want to grow on YouTube and get more engagement? Well, we have some tips for you. They are quite simple to understand but it will take time to start seeing quality results. So, keep at it and ensure that you are learning from the experience. 

People often search for the best sites to buy YouTube subscribers. That helps them boost credibility. But if you mix the below tips with your strategies you will see more organic growth and better results. So, let’s get into it.

youtube for beginners

  • Find Your Niche 

You need to find a niche that you like and can keep making content in the long run. Jot down the stuff you want to make videos about. Then start figuring out which one you like the most. This way you can find a niche to make content about. Of course, if you are starting you can always change the type of content depending on your audience. But try to pick a sub-niche if possible. For example, if you want to do a podcast try finding a sub-niche in that. You can mainly talk about zombie movies for instance.

  • Research Your Niche

Once you have found a few of them you should start doing some research into them. Research is very important as it gives you a good idea of the playing field. You have a starting point and you can create much better content for your viewers. 

So, start looking at the videos from other creators in the niche. Understand what types of things gain more engagement and try to start working towards it. This gives you a good understanding of all the different types of content that you can experiment with.

youtube for beginners

  • Research Your Audience

This is sort of similar to researching your niche. You have to understand who your target audience is. It is very hard to start making content without understanding your audience. It becomes very difficult to grow on YouTube faster if you don’t understand who is watching your videos. Know the demographics of your audience. When do they watch your video? What type of videos do they enjoy? When you are researching your niche you can check out other creators in the niche. Check out the comments. See what kind of videos people are enjoying.

  • Keep a Nice Frequency

Keep a nice uploading frequency. Your viewers would want consistent content from you. People on YouTube just want to keep watching more and more stuff they like. This is why you can gain a good audience if you can deliver them quality content regularly. Of course, it can make you burn out but the initial hustle phase is required. Also, if you enjoy what you are doing you can make a lot of content without burning out. So, make a content schedule and stick to it. Your users will know when to expect your uploads and you might get good initial engagement when you upload. This helps boost video rankings.

youtube for beginners

  • Focus on Quality More

Churning out video after video is a good way to grow on YouTube. But if the quality is poor it may be harder to grow. That is why it is more important to focus on quality than quantity. It contradicts the previous tip, right? No, not really. Quantity along with quality is the key to becoming a popular YouTuber fast. It is not easy to do so. That’s why not everyone is a popular YouTuber. You have to create a workflow that lets you come up with content ideas, shoot them and then upload them. Efficiency is the key.

  • Get Your Thumbnails Right

To bring people to your videos you have to reel them in. Thumbnails are the most important marketing ideas when it comes to attracting users. It is the only visual way to make people want to click on the video. The thumbnail should set the tone of the video. For a serious video, the thumbnail should not feel goofy. You can use texts in the Thumbnail but they should be short and catchy phrases. Bold colors are a good way to prevent people from scrolling past your video without checking out the Thumbnail or title.

YouTube video editors

  • Understand YouTube SEO

Understanding the technical part of YouTube promotion is very important. YouTube is a search engine. To rank higher you have to know YouTube SEO. Keywords in titles and descriptions are very important. The keyword should directly be in your title. Add keywords in the video metadata and give a relevant name to the video file you upload to YouTube. Add your other videos to the end screen.

  • Interact With Viewers and Comments

Once you have put your video out and started getting some views and comments you should start interacting with them. When you are starting, linking every comment and responding to them is important. Almost every creator has done it when they were small. This shows your audience that you appreciate them. It makes them want to support your content. Ask their opinion. Ask them to follow you on other social media platforms. Keep a section of the video dedicated to them.

  •  Use Other Social Media to Promote

Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest etc. are good places to promote your channel. You can clip catchy snippets from your video and share them on social media platforms. You can create specific short videos that you can sort of use as bait to your channel. People on other platforms often prefer short content. But most of them use YouTube. So, use clips and short videos to reel them in towards your channel.

  • Do Giveaways and Contests

Another way to keep your audience invested and loyal is to do giveaways and host contests. This way you can sort of strengthen the community you are building around yourself.

Don’t have to go too high when it comes to budget. Just make it relevant and personal. Your audience will like stuff that makes them feel like they are a part of the community.

So, these were some of the top tips for growing on YouTube. If you have been using other strategies like services to buy YouTube subscribers then you can supplement it with these tips to get better results. Just focus on being consistent and persistent. It is a marathon, not a sprint. The one who sticks with it the longest will see better results. All the best! 

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