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Your guide to know turkish123

turkish123 is one of the best sites for watching Turkish series with subtitles in several different languages, including English, completely free of charge, as it displays many of the most important Turkish series that many are looking for.

Including old series and series that are still being shown. If you are interested in Turkish series and want to follow them translated into several different languages, this article helps you to know all the details about this site. Just follow the article to the end.


It is a site that loads many Turkish series with ease and speed, and you can translate the series to several different languages, including English, Urdu, and Portuguese, and from historical and Islamic series, and the series are shown with the highest quality, and from the series it has:

  • AlpArslan season two.
  • Othman Ghazi season four.
  • Season two sanctuaries.
  • Abdul Hamid Sultan.
  • Distan season two.
  • Yavuz Sultan.

And many other series that I have on turkish123, which are among the most important series that have been shown, and there are series that are still shown now.

turkish123 is safe

turkish 123 is completely safe to watch Turkish series and movies with English subtitles, but this site opens unwanted pop-up ads.

But it is usually a common practice to check websites that offer Turkish series for free.

By entering these pop-up ads and they are not harmful and all you have to do is close the tabs of these ads.

The number of wanted popup ads in turkish is 123

This site works and usually opens these pop-up ads through the first two clicks, however, this site displays these pop-up ads if you click on a video clip after several minutes, and these ads are safe as they do not threaten your ready security when you click on them.

Old serials available at turkish 123

The site has a lot of old Turkish series that can be watched with ease, and there are series from 2007 until the present time, and among the most important of these classic and old Turkish series are:

  • Kara Sevda series.
  • Also a series of love for Laftan.
  • turkish 123 app

Until now, there is no official application available for the Turkish Series website, especially for smartphone users, so before downloading any application, you must check first, as there may be several applications with the same name.

One of the series shown on the Turkish Series website

There are a lot of series that are displayed on the site, including the hadith, which is still shown now, and the most prominent and important of these series, which have received high views, are:

Turkish orbit series

This series is classified as one of the thriller and drama series, and among the actors within the series are Sumaya Aydogan, Janir Topcu, Didim Encelil, Emre Kenai, Ulko Hilal Çifchi, Ogun Kaptan Oglu, Kan Kiziltug, and Alara Bozbey, and it is from the 2023 release.

Series What If I Liked Too Much

It is one of the Turkish summer series, and it is classified as a drama series. Among the actors of the series are Karam Bursin, Hafsa Tur Sanjak, Sherif Erol, Khadija Aslan, and Mina Kilish, and it was shown in 2023.

My name is Farah series

The series is classified as a romantic series, and the actors in the series are Engin Akyurek, Demet Ozdemir, Firat Tansh, Sinan Kara, Lala Başar, Okati Show Book, Mert Dogan, Daria Yanar, and Kemal Burat Alper, and it was released in 2023.

In the end, Turkish123 is one of the most important sites that offer old and modern Turkish series, with the advantage of translating series into several different languages.

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