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Alongside its home self-emptying feature, the yeedi vac 2 pro is an automated cleaning machine. Here's why it's perfect for your home!

Best Home Self-Emptying & Mopping Robot and Mop Combo in 2022

Keeping a clean house just got a whole lot easier with the yeedi mop station pro. Gone are the days of having to do the work yourself. The yeedi vac 2 pro is a 3-in-1 robot vacuum and mop combo combined with a home self-emptying station. It doesn’t just work with you, it does the work so you no longer have to.

The unique oscillating mopping system and 3000Pa strong suction power vacuum and mop work simultaneously to scrub off dried-on stains from wood/tile/laminate floors and suck up dirt from both carpet and hard floor. Like a good system, though, it doesn’t do all this home maintenance on its own.

It’s compatible with the yeedi home self-emptying station for auto dustbin emptying. With a 2.5L dust bag in a sealing design, yeedi locks 30 days of dirt in place so you can forget about vacuuming and dustbin cleaning. It might’ve been easier for yeedi to choose sonic mopping over oscillating mopping but it didn’t.

home self-emptying

Feature the oscillating mopping

Sonic mopping is undoubtedly a great idea. It adopted the technology used on sonic toothbrushes. The concept is when the mopping pad touches the floor, it vibrates left and right, like brushing your teeth to deliver better cleaning results. However, when used on a robot mop, only the small central area vibrates. This limitation makes the cleaning result not too much different from normal mopping.

The oscillating mopping system of yeedi vac 2 pro simply copies how people mop the floor – scrubbing back and forth. The special motor and driving system enables the whole mopping plate to scrub the floor back and forth at a speed of 480time/m – 5X faster than hand mopping and improves the cleaning result dramatically. It even comes with its own home self-emptying process.

With so much activity, you’d think it’d be the noisiest process in the world. Guess again! The yeedi vac 2 pro doesn’t pursue the highest vibrating speed but promises better cleaning results. It’s suitable for wooden, tile, and laminate floors all while working at a low noise level. You can est easy while the yeedi vac 2 pro cleans up for you.


Obstacle avoidance

If that isn’t enough, the yeedi vac 2 pro offers 3D intelligent obstacle avoidance. Whether you live with children or just tend to leave a mess, this feature allows the robot vacuum to navigate around clutter. Aside from its home self-emptying, it maps your home so it better understands how to get around within it.

With ‘3D Structured Light’ sensor, the yeedi robot scans, detects surroundings seamlessly and reacts quickly. The same 3D structured light technology is used by Apple on FaceID. It has 10x more obstacle avoidance than the older model of  yeedi vac, so there’s no need to pick up before cleaning.

3D obstacle avoidance technology senses and dodges obstacles in its way, detects space between and under furniture – avoid entering if that space is lower/narrower than yeedi’s body, it also detects a cliff to avoid falling. Along with the home self-emptying feature, this allows yeedi to go where it couldn’t before.



You may be wondering: why did yeedi choose to avoid carpet directly in mopping mode instead of using mop-lift? That’s because it didn’t have Intelligent Carpet Detection. Along with home self-emptying, we think the mop-lift is a very genius idea to handle carpets when mopping your personal space.

While its limitation is clear: it only works very well on low-pile carpets lower than 5mm. Even though we like the idea, we cannot neglect the risk of wetting and messing the carpet thicker than 5mm used in most families. Yeedi chooses a different approach. With a sonic carpet sensor, yeedi precisely detects the carpet and avoids touching it in mopping mode.

If your carpet is blocking the entrance of a room, the robot may not travel to that room when mopping. In this case, you may need to manually move the robot into that room. When a carpet is detected, yeedi will steer away from it in mopping mode and automatically crank up suction power in vacuuming mode to get the best clean before using its home self-emptying feature.

home self-emptying

Visual mapping

So, why do we choose visual mapping technology instead of LDS technology? Like Tesla chooses Pure vision-based approach instead of Lidar for auto-driving. We believe there should be different solutions offered to consumers with different needs. Unlike others, yeedi chooses visual mapping for its exclusive benefits which are better for cleaning and daily use.

The yeedi vac 2 pro will clean 20% more underneath space and activate home self-emptying after. LDS models do need to install a scanning LDS component on the top making the robot 10cm thicker. Without this modular, yeedi vac 2 pro is 20% slimmer. It traverses freely under your sofa, cabinet and bed to clean hidden dust.

Therefore, there’s less chance of damage. Positioned on top of the bumper, the LDS modular is easy to get damaged by bumping. And the open design makes it easy for dust and water to enter and break the lidar. While the visual mapping sensor is fully protected during daily use.

With continuous investment in visual mapping algorithm development, yeedi robots already deliver the same feature-wise experience as LDS models, including map features, virtual boundary, zoom clean etc. . . Yeedi identifies your rooms to rebuild your home layout and plans an efficient cleaning path for whole floor coverage without missing any spots before utilizing home self-emptying.

The intuitive yeedi app partners with an editable home map that lets you customize cleaning by setting vacuuming and waterflow levels for different messes, choosing cleaning sequence, cleaning specific room/area and more. It leaves internal storage space for knowing your home and saving up to 3 MAPS!

home self-emptying

Customer first

It’s time for turning the old in for the new service! In addition, yeedi launched its swap repair program, allowing customers to swap for a new unit instead of repairing it within the warranty period. Yeedi has also made it incredibly easy for its users to upgrade their old yeedi models to vac 2 pro, which includes home self-emptying.

Starting from May 2022, whatever yeedi model you have, you can easily trade in it for credit toward the purchase of yeedi vac 2 pro at Switching to the newest in auto-cleaning technology doesn’t have to be a hassle. We’re making it easy so you can continue being a loyal customer and receiving great service.


Yeedi vac 2 pro features a unique oscillating mopping system to tackle stubborn stains, 3D obstacle avoidance to sense and dodge daily objects in its way, 3000Pa strong suction to pick up crumbles and dirt. Its carpet detection sensor intelligently identifies your carpet. It works with yeedi home self-emptying station for auto dustbin cleaning.

The original price for a single yeedi vac 2 pro was $449.99. However, you can bundle the yeedi vac 2 pro and self-emptying station for a special price of $549.98. Don’t let this steal of a deal pass you by!

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