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XXL E-bikes for Overweight People


Electric bicycles are a popular means of transportation that cut across a wide demographic. People of all ages are exploring the fun and fulfilment offered by this cheaper transit option. Electric bikes are a convenient option for all types of amateur and professional riding, and they will be perfect for you. Of all the improvements enjoyed in the e-bike industry, much of it has been aimed at providing more secure transport for larger people.

When you find yourself over the weight necessary to carry out your daily functions, the need may arise for suitable equipment to get back in shape. Even if only for you to enjoy your normal lifestyle, an e-bike can help you get the required exercise. When you can no longer do strenuous workouts, you can use an XXL e-bike to get light or moderate exercise.  To know more about the best XXL e-bikes for big people, keep reading.

Which Materials are Suitable for the Demands of an XXL E-bike?

An electric bike does not necessarily have to be custom-built because you are a big person. There are XXL sizes already designed with a higher payload capacity. These are made from high-quality frames and materials that enable them to comfortably carry weights of up to 140kg and more. Some of the materials used include:

●  Solid Aluminium Frames

E-bike frames are built from various materials, but those made from aluminium have many benefits. Their lack of significant steel composition means they are not so susceptible to rust. With good use and care, they can probably last a lifetime. You need to check the e-bike specs to confirm it was built with solid aluminium and has a high payload capacity for your riding weight. Better still, you can opt for the Himiway Zebra, a tougher option made from upgraded 6061 aluminium.

●  Wider, Puncture-resistant Tires

Having heavier weight can have you thinking you may lose your balance riding. Kill this fear by using an XXL e-bike with wider tires. It will help you enjoy balanced and comfortable rides. Small sharp obstacles in the road can cause serious damage to regular tires. If you opt for the puncture-resistant option, you get to enjoy more durability. They are sturdier and better for supporting weights of 160kg and above.

●  Adjustable Saddle

Comfort is necessary for all types of riding. Being comfortable as you ride will help to keep it enjoyable and you can reap the actual benefits of cycling, aside from pain. An adjustable saddle is a seat that allows you to make slight preset modifications for personal comfort and convenient riding. Not all e-bikes are made with adjustable saddles.

Shopping Tips on E-bikes for Heavy Riders

Now you’ve decided to get yourself an e-bike for regular exercise, here are some features to look out for if you intend to get the best out of cycling:

High Payload Capacity

Electric bicycles generally cater to weights of about 100kg to 120kg. An e-bike with a high payload capacity is more appropriate for a heavy rider, as it has a lower centre of gravity to adequately support the weight. An example is the Himiway Cruiser, with a payload capacity of 160kg. Without one of these, you may find yourself destroying bike frames and getting discouraged.

Battery Capacity

The capacity of an e-bike battery helps professionals with long-range riding. For a big person, high battery capacity is needed simply because weight affects battery charge. Forget a regular e-bike battery, you need at least 768Wh or 840Wh. With a fully charged one, you can enjoy more convenience by using pedal assist during your rides.

Step-thru Feature

Originally designed to help people wearing skirts when riding to access their bikes better, the step-thru is a feature now enjoyed by all riding ages. This includes people with mobility issues. Step-thru e-bikes lack the top tube extending from under the seat to the handlebars. Due to this, you can slide off the bike seat smoothly instead of bending it over to get off.

Motor Power

The motor is a part of the pedal-assist system necessary for boosting your pedalling efforts. Whether you ride on roads or trails, you are bound to encounter various types of small and big obstacles, including hilly roads that can leave you winded. A powerful electric motor of up to 250W will help you crush them with much less effort.

Which E-bikes are Suitable?

Some of the most appropriate XXL electric bikes for big riders include the following:

Himiway Zebra Step-thru

There are few e-bikes with all the features that can help heavy riders enjoy a premium experience. The Himiway Zebra Step-thru does this almost effortlessly. It combines a 250W motor power with a 48V 20Ah lithium-ion battery that can achieve a range of 128km. With its step-thru option that allows you to get on and off smoothly without a hitch, it is easy to enjoy the high payload capacity of 180kg.

Himiway Cruiser Step-thru

Available in the regular design without the step-thru feature, the Cruiser is another e-bike for heavy riders to enjoy perfect trips. Its features include a 250W motor to crush hills and a 48V 17.5Ah lithium-ion battery capable of achieving a range of 96km. The total payload capacity of 160kg is possible due to these and its solid 6061 aluminium frame.


Riding can be difficult when you are above average weight, especially with a traditional bicycle. The good news is that there are e-bikes specifically designed to provide heavy riders with all the comforts of e-biking. These XXL e-bikes are built with high-quality materials for more durability. Some oftheir features include wider tires for stability, a high payload capacity, motor power, and a long-range battery.

Why sit worried about your weight when you can begin doing something about it right now? Sturdy equipment makes it easy to focus on your goal. You can browse through our list to see which e-bike meets your requirements. All our e-bikes are built with high-quality 6061 aluminium that can last a lifetime of usage. Have fun exercising!

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