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Uss Express can help you with a remote job as a quality manager! Work remotely with a good position! Read the article to learn more.

Working from home as a quality manager

It’s quite a popular tendency among young people to look for remote job opportunities. This is the way to earn money without leaving one’s home and bothering one’s private life. From this perspective, you should consider packing jobs from home. It’s the fastest and the easiest way to get familiar with the industry and the process of international delivery from inside the process. But how do you find a good employer to work from home shipping packages?

We have a nice option for you – consider applying for a vacancy of a remote quality manager in Uss-Express. Uss-Express is a young international shipping agency that has already established a positive reputation and hired lots of ambitious people for different packing from home jobs. Join the team after reading this review.

best remote work practices as quality manager

What are likes and dislikes?

Home packing jobs are basically the same. However, different companies offer different conditions and have different requirements for candidates for certain positions. If we discuss Uss-Express, we must admit that not all features of this employer are appreciated by current and former employees. What are the advantages and disadvantages of working on shipping jobs from home for Uss-Express?


  • Regular income starts from $1,700 per month for part-timer workers; 
  • The pressure isn’t as intense as in other shipping companies – the schedule is quite flexible and adjustable, especially for part-timers;
  • Costs, associated with your shipments, are completely covered by the employer;
  • You work through a convenient and original digital solution that makes the work simpler;
  • You don’t need to prove your background experience or specific management qualifications.


  • reviewers complain about poor possibilities to grow professionally in the position of a quality manager;
  • sometimes the flow of parcels is very intense – you are required to work for longer hours (of course, you will receive bonuses for such a performance).

Responsibilities of an employee as a quality manager

work from home packing and shipping

The fact that the employer doesn’t impose strict requirements on candidates doesn’t mean that the job will be super easy. No, the company has a strict set of duties for quality managers. If you want to stay at this packing job at home for as long as you need, you have to show quality and highly efficient performance.

Luckily, when you work from home packing and shipping goods for Uss-Express, there are no pitfalls. The employer outlines the list of responsibilities to make every candidate familiar with future functions in advance. The list of responsibilities includes:

  • Receiving and processing packages according to the needs of the customer;
  • Checking the quality of the items;
  • Taking pics if necessary;
  • Repacking items and combining different orders on request;
  • Shipping packages within the timeframe set by the customer using a shipping label provided by the company.

Uss Express’s reputation from popular reviews

  1. “If consider the whole scope of requirements and conditions, Uss Express is a nice option for those who are looking for the job of a logistic manager. I have already gained a lot of knowledge here and I feel like I will only develop my career by working with this carrier.” – a user the US on Indeed.
  2. “Working as a logistic manager in such a company is not an easy task, and I don’t know why many people think that you can cope with it without specific knowledge. Even if the qualification isn’t necessary, you need to know how supply chains work, because you simply won’t be able to do your job”. – worker on Indeed.

best remote work practices as quality manager

Do this to start working for Uss-Express

The final question: is it difficult to get this job? The answer is no! The hiring process consists of two simple stages. In the first stage, you file an application form and take a 10-minute job interview with a manager. In the second stage, you need to complete a web training course. If you do this successfully – the job is yours! So try hard and you will see a positive result!

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