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WordPress Free vs Paid Themes

There is an almost bewildering selection of WordPress themes accessible, even before deciding whether to use free or paid WordPress themes. Premium WordPress themes entice us with their clean looks and rich functionality, while free solutions attract the bargain hunter in all of us. You may end yourself chasing your tail at the end of the day. You can buy a WordPress hosting from Whorack that allows you to get access of 50+ premium WordPress Themes. 

To prevent confusion while deciding between free and premium WordPress themes, prepare yourself with the required information and assess the benefits and drawbacks of each choice to make an educated decision.

The subject is straightforward: should you use free or paid WordPress themes? The solution doesn’t have to be difficult as you’re about to find.

In this article, we will learn the difference between WordPress Free vs Paid Themes.

WordPress Themes: Free vs. Premium Theme

When you’re new to WordPress, there’s a lot of pressure to use free templates. What could be better than lowering the cost of front-end development?

Of course, free themes are appealing. Free solutions let you try out basic features, tweak settings, and learn how to publish correctly if you’re new to WordPress. They can support small blogs, landing pages, and low-traffic websites in some instances.

What’s the Catch with Free WordPress Themes?

But why would someone give out free templates while others charge for them? Is it because of the lesser quality?

There are a few advantages for developers in offering templates for free. If they wish to publish a theme in the official WordPress repository, they must undergo rigorous selection and testing. Finally, WordPress offers comments on its code as well as general suggestions.

Furthermore, free template distribution helps you gather a particular audience around your project and gain user comments and recommendations for development. Creating freebies benefits a developer’s reputation, whether they are a single person or a team of specialists.

The Benefits of Using Premium Themes

1 – Innovative Design

While free templates may seem attractive, their design options are severely constrained. Most freebies will appear similar, and it won’t be easy to locate anything distinctive for yourself. Premium solution developers are concerned with the unique design and the ease of modification. WordPress users have a plethora of premium theme alternatives from which to pick. They would provide a variety of ready-made layouts to cater to various preferences and purposes. In addition, if you want to develop your design based on the template manually, you may do it using one or more WordPress page builders (e.g., Elementor or Divi).

2 – Enhanced Feature Set

A few essential features are included in premium templates that you will most likely not find in a free design. You will be able to employ social sharing buttons, dynamic galleries, and a variety of custom widgets, for example. They are more likely to have better SEO criteria and be more adaptable to mobile displays.

3 – Continual Updates

When you buy a WordPress theme, you are told that you will get regular updates to enhance the functionality and address any flaws. Another way, all of the biggest WordPress markets demand developers to update their sites at least once a year. Most of them handle updates twice, if not more, a year.

4 – Increased Protection

Because there are no assurances for frequent updates, free themes are more prone to flaws and assaults. Paid solutions often include many security measures to protect your site from hackers and other unwanted threats.


A free or premium WordPress theme has pros and cons, but which one to install ultimately relies on your website’s demands and the website owner’s budget and aesthetic tastes. Know that it’s perfectly OK to start with a free WordPress theme and then upgrade. It’s your world, and we’re only passing through.

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