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Why Should You Bring Portable Power Stations When Going Fishing?

Why Should You Bring Portable Power Stations When Going Fishing?

People go fishing in Europe during different seasons, especially depending on the fish they want to catch. However, the best season is generally from May to September. The water is warm, and many fish species are out. In Sweden, for instance, fishing is best done between April and September for Arctic char and Atlantic salmon, among. And a successful mission, anglers need to get the best gear in place.

Fishing enthusiasts know that a reliable source of power is essential when spending extended periods on the water. A Jackery portable power station is the perfect solution for anglers who want to power their fishing electronics and boat systems while out on the water. Such portable power stations can come in handy to power everything from charging fishing electronics to powering other boat systems.

This guide explores more why you need such machines. Keep reading to discover more.

Overview of the Need for Powering Devices When Fishing

Modern fishing is among the most energy-intensive ways of producing food. For years, motorized and mechanical fishing methods have depended on fossil fuels. But now, technological advancement has changed a lot of these tasks, with portable power playing a huge role.

It is no longer easy to go fishing with a net and candles like in the past days. Sophisticated gear is required, most of which requires proper powering.

Here are some devices that need such power to make fishing easier.

1. Charging fishing electronics

The emergence of high-end fishing technology has created the need for innovative powering methods. For convenience, fishers across Europe are dependent on these technologies. Wireless, castable fish finders, for instance, have become extremely popular. They are economic electronics every angler must have today.

Aside from that, fishers need to power their fishing rods, reels, and their GPS finders. Nobody wants to get lost in the waters, which can happen when the GPS finder goes.

With that in mind, investing in a reliable power supply system is crucial. Solar generators for fishing and portable power station systems are ideal. They can charge most of the fishing tech and gear for a long.

2. Operating electric trolling motors

Electric motors are another crucial component of a fishing boat. They depend on electricity to generate power that pushes the boat forward. The electricity comes from batteries inside the boat.

And this is one of the main reasons why fishers are advised to have at least one deep-cycle battery for the trolling motor. Using the same battery to start the engine and power the trolling motor is not advisable since the trolling motor consumes more energy throughout the day. One can quickly get stuck in such cases as the engine fails to start.

3. Running bait aerators and livewell pumps

Fishers must keep the bait and fish alive long enough to ensure freshness and effectiveness. For this, bait aerators and live wells are required. A livewell is a tank on many fishing boats that keep bait and captured fish alive.

The livewell needs electric power to pump fresh water from the lake and then back through pipes. This water flow keeps that water oxygenated adequately for the fish and bait to breathe well.

A reliable power source is required to keep the components running and working effectively. The batteries on the boat alone may not be enough for such tasks, hence, the need for a portable power station.

4. Powering lights for nighttime fishing

Light at night does not only help the anglers to see well, but it can also be used to attract fish. Most of the lights on the boat use the boat’s electric system powered by a 12V battery. This could be convenient if where one keeps the boat running all through.

But for those who want more convenience, a portable power station should not miss on their fishing boats. These systems can power the lights at night without consuming battery power. And since they can be charged using solar energy, the user never feels powerless, no matter how long they stay in the deep.

Best Portable Power Stations for Fishers

Portable power stations are designed to offer a constant power supply for homes and other uses. As seen above, fishers need such parts on their fishing boats. They can be an excellent solution for meeting all their power needs.

Choosing the right portable power station is crucial as it should charge and power most boat applications efficiently while being user-friendly, fast charging, and of high quality. With numerous brands available, a brand with a reputation should be your first choice.

Jackery is such a company. They have created a wide range of products since 2012, offering high-end solutions to meet specific users’ needs. Here are three top portable power supply stations for fishing:

1. Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Power Station

Portability, durability, and exceptional performance are features any fisher will want in a portable power station. And they are the features that define the Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station. It’s a station designed to charge low to high-power appliances for extended periods.

Portable Power Stations

With a great battery capacity of 518Wh, this ergonomic Jackery power station delivers performance beyond expectation. Its foldable handle and industry-leading BMS technology make it the ideal solution for outdoor adventures. Fishing expeditions will never be the same with such a fantastic device.

Top features include:

  • Lightweight – at 14.11 lbs, this could be the most portable yet powerful power supply station for modern fishermen.
  • 3-ways are charging. Connect directly to the wall sockets, your car, or solar panels for charging. Either way, charging is fast and efficient.
  • Multiple in/out. The Explorer 500 portable power station has one AC output, 2DC ports, one carport, and three USB-A ports which allows it to connect to a wide range of devices and power them simultaneously.
  • High battery capacity. Users can charge low to high-power appliances with ease thanks to the 518wh battery. 
  • Long battery life. Even after completing 800 charge cycles, the power station will have 80% battery capacity.

In short, Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station is all one may need for an exciting fishing adventure. It does not emit fumes or use fuels and is a clean and renewable energy source. 

2. Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro Power Station

Portable Power Stations

Next on the list is the Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station. This is an upgrade from the product above, with a capacity of 1002Wh. It will keep all electrical devices on the fishing boat charged and powered.

Among the top features of this station are the top-notch BMS, pure sine wave technology, and a 94V-0 fire rating material. It’s a power supply station that will not leave the users hanging and stranded for lack of power.

Other features include:

  • Quick recharge. It can charge from zero to 100% within 1.8 hours.
  • Excellent battery capacity. The 1002Wh, 1000W (2000W peak) output delivers enough power to charge multiple devices for long periods.
  • Durable. Use the Explorer 1000 Pro weekly, and it can last for over ten years.
  • High safety level. The intelligent BMS technology delivers 12 levels of protection that keep users safe. It has an excellent fire rating that gives users more assurance and peace of mind no matter where they are.

At only 25.4 lbs, this powerful portable power station promises amazing performance and portability. It does not add weight to the boat but brings in more convenience.

3. Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro Portable Power Station

Portable Power Stations

For those who intend on staying in the lake for an extended period or have more tools to power, a 2200W solution should be ideal. And this is where the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station comes in. With the ability to power up to 7 devices simultaneously, the users will never feel needy when it comes to power devices. It’s strong enough to do all this and still last for many years.

Top features include:

  • Great battery capacity. The 2160Wh from this power station is enough to keep the user powered for a long time. No matter how many electrical devices they have onboard, it will not disappoint.
  •  Long-lasting battery. Users are assured of up to 10 years of service life, more than what competitors can give.
  • Safety. Industry-leading BMS used in this system ensures a high level of safety for every user.
  • Suitable for a wide range of appliances. Whatever you need to power for your fishing expedition, the Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station will do it. It’s the perfect power solution for off-grid life.
  • 5-year warranty. Users can have more peace of mind knowing they are using a reliable product. Its 5-year warranty is enough to create the most desired trust in consumers.

So, consider this power station for those who intend to be on the sea for extended periods. It’s light and yet powerful enough to run all electrical devices whenever necessary.

How Long Jackery Portable Power Stations Can Power Devices

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a portable power station is how long it can power your devices. The choice depends on what you want to power. Thus, the estimated watt-hours of each product tell it all.

Assuming the average power consumption values of the devices are: 50 watts for a fish finder, 3 watts for a marine GPS, 50 watts for an electric trolling motor, 5 watts for a bait aerator, and 3 watts for a livewell pump. The following power stations can support these devices simultaneously:

  • Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station(518w) 50 watts + 3 watts + 50 watts + 5 watts + 3 watts = 111 watt-hours (Wh). Therefore, a 518 Wh capacity generator can support these devices to work continuously for approximately 4.7 hours.   
  • Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station(1002w) 50 watts + 3 watts + 50 watts + 5 watts + 3 watts = 111 watt-hours (Wh). Therefore, a 1002 Wh capacity generator can support these devices to work continuously for approximately 9.0 hours.
  • Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station(2160w) 50 watts + 3 watts + 50 watts + 5 watts + 3 watts = 111 watt-hours (Wh). Therefore, a 2160 Wh capacity generator can support these devices to work continuously for approximately 19.5 hours.

So, it all depends on the portable power station you choose and the load. Even so, Jackery makes high-capacity and high-performance portable power stations that can provide power for a long time. In addition, the strong batteries are guaranteed to serve users for years.

Why Choose Jackery Portable Power Stations?

Choosing the right portable power station is extremely vital. This is why users must carefully consider the brand before investing in such devices.   

Jackery has delivered more than 2 million units since 2012. It’s such experience that makes it a reliable and trustworthy brand. It’s recognized by over 150 media too.

Aside from that, here are more reasons why people prefer Jackery portable power stations:

Fast delivery

The team at Jackery ensures a fast lead time. Customers get their orders fast after ordering, allowing them to enjoy the products conveniently.

Top quality

Jackery never takes chances when it comes to quality products. They use high-end technology in developing and delivering every product, assuring great performance.

Attractive warranties

Not many companies can offer warranties of up to 5 years on their products, but Jackery does. This shows how much the company is dedicated to quality and their belief in their products.

Top-notch services

A professional service team at Jackery is dedicated to ensuring the highest technical and client support levels. Customers with issues get sorted immediately through the efficiency of this team.

Top technologies

All Jackery portable power stations are equipped with high-end technologies. These include:

  • Intelligent BMS technology with 12 levels of protection. The whole machine is fire-resistant.
  • Excellent battery technology with an exclusive recharging algorithm that ensures 80% of battery capacity is sustained.
  • Shock-resistant level 9 drop resistance
  • Green renewal energy and quiet. Its working volume is at 30dB and even lower in certain conditions.
  • Jackery keeps innovating new and better ways of creating portable power station solutions. A dedicated team of experts ensures consumers get a lot more from their orders.


Portable Power Stations

Portable power stations are a must-have in any fishing adventure. They deliver the power needed to keep all necessary equipment running. But it will not do much if you don’t get it from the right machine.

Jackery is a global leader in portable power stations. It has created innovative technologies since 2012, growing into a household name. They have a top-notch customer support team that ensures satisfaction for every consumer. The Jackery Explorer 500 portable power station, Jackery Explorer 1000 Pro portable power station, and Jackery Explorer 2000 Pro portable power station are great examples of what the company offers. Visit their website to learn more about the company and its products!

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