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How do you feel about your current payment processor? Are you unhappy with them? Learn more about the white label payment gateway.

White Label Payment Gateway

How do you feel about your current payment processor? Are you unhappy with them? Is your profit being eaten away by hidden fees while you do not receive the promised services and support? Do you want a more flexible and customizable technology to provide your customers with the highest level of payment processing services?

As a business owner, it makes sense to want your payment gateway and to offer your clients an affordable, transparent, and easy-to-use payment system under your brand. To start providing payment services that are reliable to merchants, then this advanced technology is here. It can seamlessly integrate into front-end software. 

UniPay White Label Omni-Channel Payment Gateway 

The UniPay White Label Payment Gateway reduces and simplifies PCI compliance requirements for businesses by being completely hosted by our company. 

The businesses that choose to go with this option are able to gain much more control over how much they are paying for transitional costs. This is one of the best options in case you are a business that is wanting to have more control, lower fees, and more options for payment services for your customers. 

This model was developed for businesses that wish to monetize payments as part of their software offering platform. It is also for businesses that are looking to process payments under their brand or provide payment services for portfolio companies.

Businesses can accept credit card payments on their websites using our white-label gateway, which accepts credit card payments in various currencies for any customer. This is the best option when you want to process payments under your brand with a custom solution and save on transaction fees.

In addition to offering payment services to portfolio companies, UniPay is also a suitable option for investment companies.

UniPay White Label Payment Gateway will let companies:

  • Get branded merchant statements and API documents
  • Support all card brands, direct debit payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other  EMV-certified terminal solutions like android, Sunmi, Ingenico, and SoftPOS terminals. 
  • Use development teams to build custom logistics based on needed requirements.
  • Add new card brands and new acquirers.
  • Lower transactions fees when compared to payments as service models
  • Get a dedicated account manager that supports PayFac or platforms
  • Provides payment services under the company brand

Contact us today for specific pricing details and a demonstration of the payment processing platform from UniPay. We are here to help you reach the next level with our services and products. 

What Businesses will get Benefits from White Label Payment Gateways?

You may not need a white-label payment gateway if you have a small eCommerce site. However, a white-label payment gateway solution will benefit businesses that belong to investment companies, equity groups, ISVs, ISOs, payment facilitators, and SaaS platforms. 

Main Benefits of using UniPay Payment Gateway

The unique advantage of this solution is that it can be accessed as a white label and hosted instance, but it may also be licensed. Whichever option is selected, then it cannot be outgrown. A white-label instance could be used first, and then a private instance may be applied so the company can acquire a license. Plus, we can help to migrate all data and servers into the company data center. We can also assist with PCI compliance maintenance and hosting of these servers. 

Using White Label Solutions: 

  • Complexities in maintaining payment solutions are reduced by using pre-existing EMV and PCI certifications
  • The business niche becomes more competitive by offering payment processing services to customers under the company brand
  • An additional revenue stream can be added
  • UniPay’s white-label solution offers remittance, chargebacks, recurring billing management, Android terminals, and payment pages.
  • The most significant facilitators in North America and Fortune 10 companies have used our white-label solution. Customization and the addition of any necessary functionalities are available through professional services.
  • This white-label solution includes SoftPOS, remote key loading mechanisms, and a complete card-present solution.

Disadvantages of Using White Label Solutions

White labeling has many benefits, but it can also be disadvantageous. The main benefit of white-labeling is that you pay less for payment processing the more merchants you serve. As a result, a white-label solution is the most cost-effective solution for you if you process large volumes of payments.

You may not have sufficient level of control over the process with a white-label gateway, which could be a problem for you. The gateway provider handles every aspect of PCI compliance, integration, certification, and maintenance. If multiple users are on the gateway, it can run slow due to overloads. 

Selecting a Provider for a White Label Gateway

Picking the correct type of payment gateway partner can be essential to brand success, so it is best to be careful when picking a white-label solution. It can help to be overly careful when it comes to picking out a payment gateway partner, so keep in mind what you should be looking for when it comes to white-label solutions. 

There are four different categories of partnerships that should be focused on first:

  • Commercial banks: Helps to fund merchants
  • Payment Processors: Processes payments that go through the system
  • Acquiring Bank: Authorizes the company to provide gateway payment services
  • Sponsor Bank: Connects the business to card brands
  • Some large banks like Chase can provide all of these services in a single package. 

As soon as you find some great partners like these to work with, or you have an idea of what they are going to be, then you can begin to start working on implementing the new payment solution into your brand new project for processing payments for customers. 

Suppose you have been searching around and trying to find a brand new way for you to be able to promote your own brand and are looking for a better payment technology that provides onboarding control, funding, and processing. In that case, UniPay’s White Label Gateway solution is perfect. We would be happy to showcase and meet you to show you how you can use our platform for all of your business needs. 

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