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What You Should Know About Selling Industrial Equipment

Numerous businesses find themselves with excess industrial equipment due to an evolving production process or business expansion resulting in outgrown equipment.

Selling equipment can be an excellent way to generate additional funds for your business, but there are a few important points you need to keep in mind before embarking on such an undertaking.

Know Your Assets

Companies of all kinds require equipment and assets for conducting their work effectively, from postal franking machines to heavier machinery like tractors and backhoes.

An important consideration when buying a business for sale is its hard assets; buyers need to see that all equipment is in good condition, as well as fair pricing for buyers.

An effective way of selling industrial equipment is through an industrial equipment dealer. They specialize in selling equipment and understand its proper valuation; plus they often have extensive networks which connect you with potential buyers.

An industrial equipment loan may also be an excellent choice. This financing option is usually reserved for businesses with excellent financial records, making them suitable for companies in need of large amounts of capital equipment but funding can take more time compared to other options; most banks or financing companies require first lien on equipment for financing purposes.

Take Pictures

Every online seller knows the importance of taking professional photos when selling products online – this is especially true when selling industrial equipment. While you might think taking Pinterest-worthy images of generators or gas regulators may seem difficult, with just a few steps you can make your equipment look fantastic!

First and foremost, make sure your equipment is clean. This shows potential buyers that it was treated well and well-kept. Furthermore, taking multiple pictures from various angles gives buyers an accurate representation of its condition and helps set expectations before seeing it in person.

Take some videos of the equipment in action; this can help sell it more quickly while showing its performance in an actual setting. Make sure to include a link back to your website where interested parties can learn more and build their email lists!

Market Your Assets

When selling industrial equipment, it’s essential that you understand how best to market it. Videos are an effective way of showing off machinery in action – generating interest quickly while speeding up the selling process.

Photos can also help attract buyers, and it is helpful to include several angles of each piece of equipment to give potential customers an accurate impression of what the equipment looks like, including any imperfections or issues they might come across.

An effective method for marketing heavy equipment online auctions is holding one yourself. Not only can an auction help sell multiple pieces at once, it can also reduce risk by validating buyers prior to participating. Marketplaces like Aucto can screen buyers for you which helps prevent fraudulant or incomplete transactions – saving both time and money in the process.


When selling used industrial equipment, negotiations are essential to getting the best price for it. Prepare a set of arguments to use during negotiations so as to remove emotion from the negotiations process and focus on creating an agreement beneficial to both sides.

Your options for selling industrial equipment include selling privately, through a dealer, auctions or through companies specializing in selling it. Each option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages – private sales might involve reaching out directly to users of industrial equipment through your personal network, placing ads in newspapers and online listing services etc; auctions provide urgency while being expensive; while selling through companies who specialize in industrial equipment may include decommissioning/securing/marketing/transport arrangements all taken care of!


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