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What Makes the Assembled PC Dominating over Pre-built PC?

Are you willing to purchase a new computer? If yes, then you might be confused between pre-built PCs and assembled computers. Both of them have their benefits and drawbacks, one can select any among them depending on their usage. Usually, a majority of video editors and professionals prefer assembled PCs over pre-built computers because they are highly customizable.

User can install the combination of components required for their work, which is not possible in a pre-built PC. For example, in an assembled PC there are various slots for RAM and SSD, therefore you need not remove the old one to install the new one. But make sure to buy the parts from a trusted online store like Teach-Yea, who guarantee the genuineness of the products.


Buying an assembled PC is always an affordable option as compared to a pre-build PC. One can build an assembled PC on any budget, depending on their requirements and budget. You will be surprised to know that one can even build an average PC under ten thousand.

If you have a low budget, you can use a cost-effective part to reduce the cost of assembling in a significant way. Also, assembled PC has options to use disposable parts, which are usually very cheap and durable.


Buying a Pre-build PC from a reputed brand will not guarantee that it is of good quality. In a prebuilt PC, you don’t know about the quality of the component used. Sometimes, brands cheat their clients by installing low-quality components, that need to be replaced again and again. They usually do so to reduce the manufacturing cost, which significantly boosts their profits.

When you build your own PC, you will use high-quality components, which you won’t get in a pre-built PC. Users can also ensure that each part installed in the PC meets your standards. Having the power to choose the reputed manufacturers contributes greatly to the huge demand for assembled PCs.


As technology is getting more advanced each day, new software is being introduced. Unfortunately, this software comes with high-end graphics that require high CPU and GPU power, which no old computer has.

Assembled PCs offer next-level upgradability, which makes them future-proof. You can easily change the components when you find your PC getting slow or not meeting the standards. On the other hand, the Pre-built Pc does not have upgradability options. In most cases, users need to replace the entire system, which is very expensive.


Assembled computers provide the next level of flexibility, which you won’t get from pre-built computers. A user has a chance to select case style, size, and color. Also, they can add various features such as Bluetooth and CD players according to their taste.

Some people also love RGB lights, which can only be installed on assembled PCs. The best part about the assembled PC is that, in this users can customize the software according to their preference and needs. For example, you can install a particular software or operating system you love the most.

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