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What Features Should Be There in an Ecommerce App Development Service

In the past few years ecommerce app development services have gained huge popularity because of COVID-19 and lockdown. Many people prefer to shop online as they are not allowed to go to market due to which it has become essential for several businesses to have a user-friendly ecommerce app that will increase their sales and reach a wider audience. People need to make sure that all ecommerce applications are not the same and they need to add features according to the requirements but some features need to be there in an ideal ecommerce app.

List of Ecommerce Features

Here are some essential features which should be considered by an ecommerce app development company:

  • Quick Navigation

An ecommerce app needs to have easy navigation as it is one of the most important features of any application. It means applications need to be user-friendly and easy to navigate, with clear and concise categories and subcategories of options. One important part of an ecommerce app is its search bar through which people will find their required products should be easily accessible to all the users.

  • Secure Payment Gateway

Many ecommerce companies need to focus on their payment gateway as it stores some crucial information about the client and it is one of the most important features of any ecommerce app. So, they need to ensure that their payment gateway is secure enough to accept payments from different modes such as UPI, mobile wallets, credit/debit cards, and net banking. If your payment gateway is secure, you can easily build trust among customers and ensure their personal and financial information is safe.

  • Reviews and Ratings of Products

Product reviews and ratings are important for users to know the quality of the product and whether it is useful for them or not. Every ecommerce application needs to provide some space for writing feedback and rating the products they purchased from the app. It helps ecommerce companies build a good reputation and trust among customers.

  • Personalization

As an ecommerce app, your application should recommend some products based on past purchases and searches. It will not only help in improving the user experience but they may purchase the products and the application will get better responses on several brands.

  • Multi-Language Support

Every application irrespective of its role needs to have features of multiple languages so that it can gather a wider audience to their applications. Similarly, an ecommerce app should have options to switch to different languages which makes your user browse in their native language and purchase the products easily by understanding its features.

  • Tracking Order

An ecommerce app must have order-tracking features that will allow users to keep track of their ordered products. It should be updated quickly so that users can track products in real time. It will improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction.


The above features are essential features of any application so that users can find your application more satisfying and trusted. There should be some features like analytics and reporting which will help the owner to track their performance and identify areas of improvement needed in the application.

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