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Looking for the best website hosting platform for your business? Look no further. Check out everything to look for when choosing a website hosting company.

How To Choose The Best Website Hosting Platform 2021?

Table of Contents:

  • What are the different server types?
  • Why is security an essential factor while choosing the best cheap web hosting company?
  • What is the location of the servers?
  • Why look for Quality Customer Support?
  • Features
  • What are the other vital aspects to consider?
  • Summary

A short Google search will reveal that there are a plethora of web hosting companies to choose from. You can considerably enhance and raise the performance of your website by selecting the right web host. However, If you make the wrong decision, you’ll end up with a lot of difficulties and wasted money. So, what to consider while choosing the best cheap web hosting platform for your website?

What are the different server types?

You don’t have to sacrifice quality to save money with the best cheap web hosting companies. There are various hosting solutions to choose from; let’s look at some of the most popular.

  • Shared Hosting. Your website is stored on the same server as several other websites using shared hosting. As a result, it’s one of the best cheap web hosting plans. Since you’re sharing that server’s resources with dozens or potentially hundreds of other businesses and people, shared hosting is only suitable if your site receives low traffic.
  • VPS (virtual private server). It is the next tier up. It’s perfect if your site gets a little more traffic on a regular basis. Even while VPS hosting is technically still a sort of shared hosting, it simulates having a dedicated server for your website. While still being cost-effective, VPS hosting allows for greater customization and better performance than shared hosting.
  • Dedicated server hosting. It is a better but more expensive hosting option for websites that receive a lot of traffic for long periods of time. Your website has its own server with dedicated hosting. This solution, however, requires a high degree of skill – you’ll need someone who can properly administer your server.
  • Cloud Hosting. In the realm of web hosting, cloud hosting is a relatively new choice. The ability to grow effortlessly is a major advantage of cloud servers. You can simply pay your web hosting platform more money to handle the increase in traffic. There is no need to relocate or rebuild anything.
  • Aside from these, there are several other hosting solutions such as WordPress hosting, PHP hosting, Windows hosting, and so on.

Why is security an essential factor while choosing the best cheap web hosting company?

Because of the rise in cyberattacks, website security is more critical than ever. Your visitors’ computers, as well as your own, might be harmed if your website is hacked by criminals. Worse, you might be held accountable for any damage caused by your website, even if it was caused by a security failure.

It’s also worth noting that if your website shares an IP address with hacked or spammy websites, Google and other search engines may penalize it. So, even if your website isn’t directly harmed by a hack, picking a server that doesn’t take security seriously might hurt your visitors.

As a result, it’s critical to compare and contrast the security measures provided while choosing the best cheap web hosting platform. To secure your website, some hosts have heavily guarded data centres with 24/7 threat monitoring. Others adopt a more relaxed approach, leaving it up to you to control the rights on your website.

What is the location of the servers?

The closer your hosting company’s servers are to your target audience, the faster your pages will load. As a result, it’s crucial to find out where your host’s data centres are situated and whether you’ll be able to pick from several server locations. 

If you have a global audience, you might want to look for a host that includes a CDN. A CDN caches a duplicate of your site on servers all around the world, allowing users from all over the world to experience quick page loading.

Why look for Quality Customer Support?

There will be instances when you are faced with a server problem that you are unable to resolve on your own. This is when having a solid customer service team comes in handy. In an ideal world, you’d choose a hosting service that provides excellent and timely assistance through live chat or phone. That way, you’ll be able to address any difficulties with your website right away.

To better understand the quality of a hosting platform’s support team, look at their reviews on social media sites like Facebook or on forums.


Many companies offer the best cheap web hosting plans with a wide range of features. To begin comparing features, consider how your data will be saved. Many low-cost carriers use HDDs, which are inexpensive yet prone to mechanical failure. SSDs are more dependable and help speed up your website due to quicker data transfer processes. 

Another thing to consider is whether or not your hosting package includes automated backups. Having backups of all your content and static pages is critical for swiftly recovering from a server outage or a website breach. It’s also important to evaluate the software that your host offers. Many companies let you administer your site with the cPanel hosting panel software, but others use proprietary control panels. cPanel is better for most users. There are many web hosting platforms that provide cheap cPanel hosting.

What are the other vital aspects to consider?

 Here are some other specific features provided by various web hosting companies.

  • Signup and renewal cost. In addition to the signup price, look for renewal rates and read the small print for any hidden fees.
  • Technical requirements. Check that the webserver you chose fits all of your site’s criteria, as well as items you might desire or need in the future.
  • Customization. Will you be able to design, customize, and update the site as you see fit?
  • Setup time. How quickly can you have your new site up and running?
  • Cancellation Policy. Is there any red tape or tiny print that appears to be questionable?
  • User Feedback. Reading about other people’s experiences with a hosting company might help you figure out if it’s as excellent as it appears on paper.


Take your time and examine all of your alternatives when selecting a hosting firm. You may save a lot of time and headache if you pick your web hosting company more carefully. While there are many more aspects to consider when selecting a web host, the ones stated above should assist you in deciding on the best cheap web hosting company for your business and website.

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