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Imagine yourself reclining in an armchair or in bed and watching your favorite show on mobile with popcorn in hand . . . is there anything better in this world?

How to watch perfect movies on your smartphone

The filmmaking industry doesn’t stand still: the global box revenue is expected to increase by about 30% from $38 billion in 2016 to $50 billion in 2020. The third-largest film arena in the world behind India and China, the US one, employs more than 5500 cinema websites. Though the number is considerably lower than a few decades ago, every second American prefers watching movies at home, often from a smartphone.

Indeed, as much as 43% of mobile owners use their devices to watch videos and movies periodically, opposite to the urge of Martin Scorsese to avoid seeing his pictures and films on a phone. 

Instagram gives us visual evidence that yes, the lives of talented directors and filmmakers are far more exciting than ours.

Even though the ubiquitous criticism of smartphones for their small size and the inability to convey the true atmosphere and spirit of movies, millions of cinema lovers enjoy their favorite heroes on smartphones, tablets, iPads, and sometimes even smartwatches. So which of the quotes do you agree with?

“People who watch movies on phones should be shot”
—Anne Billons, a movie critic.

“You have to be available to the way that people are watching movies”
—Charles Tabesh from Turner Classic Movies

We know the answer: personal choice. Anyway, let’s try to break it down.

Why you should watch your favorite movie on your smartphone

First of all, that is the freedom to get the movie you want in a movie app (there are plenty of free ones). No movie ticker needed – just click on ‘Play’ and a moment later Angelina Jolie pops up on the small screen.

Secondly, watching a movie is a great way to get in the mood during morning hours. Besides, you can watch it anywhere and anytime, which would be impossible without smartphones. Finally, there are loads of accessories to enhance your watching experience:

To unlock the potential of your smartphone, here’s a handful of pro video cinematography apps for the budding smartphone filmmaker.

Screen magnifier

If the screen does seem to be small, enlarge it by using a screen magnifier. Just place your phone behind a magnifying screen to make it look bigger! When selecting the device, take into account its compatibility with your smartphone, design, and durability.

Phone stand

Prefer watching movies while in bed? Nothing can be as effective as a phone stand, a device that frees your hands by fixing the phone in front of you on a desirable distance. There are heaps of cheap phone stands on the market.

Power bank

Pausing the movie somewhere in the middle of action because your phone is about to run out of juice isn’t great, is it? Make sure to purchase a portable charger so that your gadget could keep going when you need it.

By the way, the devices above can come in handy in many circumstances. For example, it’s known that Canadians do love making casino bets via mobile phones, and some of them are gambling from the comfort of their beds. There is plenty of things to do with accessories, so don’t worry about it.

What to watch?

Whether you love drama, adventure, historical, crime, or comedy, the choice of mobile movies is completely up to your taste. No matter how much filmmakers are annoyed with people watching their masterpieces online, we would love to recommend you two of them.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 

If the idea of watching an American epic space-opera film on a smartphone doesn’t frighten you, make no mistake, you are ready to watch anything on your portable device! Surprisingly, Rogue One perfectly fits a small screen, as it’s one of the shortest Star War stories. The characters are bound to fade away, but can you believe this?

Captain America: The First Avenger 

All Marvel lovers that somehow missed the movie or ready to watch it again are welcomed to enjoy it on their smartphones. What are the powers of mysterious Tesseract? Watch to discover!

Since the fun from watching depends on mood, think of compiling a list of movies of different genres beforehand. And when the time comes, you will easily choose the story that reflects your inner self.

Relax the way you like

Imagine yourself reclining in an armchair or in bed and watching your favorite show on mobile with popcorn in hand . . . is there anything better in this world? Forget all the criticism and savor what you truly deserve the way you want. Good headphones, decent streaming app, comfortable phone stand – you already know what it takes to create a relaxing atmosphere!

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