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Vn88 Rezence told that “King Louis” still inside his comfort zone

Louis van Gaal stayed much inside his technical comfort zone. His ideology was unwavering, rendering strategic advice useless in the heat of combat.

So, as the figure, dressed like a principal, walked down to the touchline, everyone in Old Trafford braced themselves. However, none saw this coming.

Vn88 told that nearly every pair of eyes in the arena were focused on Van Gaal as he lay on the ground at the feet of the fourth official, Mike Dean, imitating what he believed to be theatrics from Alexis Sanchez of Arsenal by hurling himself to the ground himself.

“He was absolutely hilarious,” Jackson enthuses. His writing skills were priceless. He had an endearing personality and a great sense of humor. In that endearingly familiar Louis van Gaal fashion.

The graphic conveys the sense that opinions on Van Gaal and his eccentricities are divided. Arsene Wenger’s reaction to Van Gaal’s performance is in stark contrast to that of the blonde figure behind him, who applauds enthusiastically. W88 describes that some people cheered enthusiastically, while others scowled in confusion.

If Woodward had gotten his way, the situation may have turned out differently. He reportedly tried to recruit Jurgen Klopp away from Borussia Dortmund, but the pitch about how Old Trafford is like “Disneyland for adults” failed to sway the future Liverpool manager.

Jackson argues with Vn88 Rezence that “there is something wrong” if the wealthiest club in the world is unable to attract and retain an “alpha manager” like Pep Guardiola or Jurgen Klopp. “This is evidence of poor leadership at the top.”

It was decided that Van Gaal would be a suitable replacement. Moyes was too inexperienced, but Van Gaal had been there and done that. This was not his first rodeo. Where Moyes squirmed under the spotlight, Van Gaal shone brightly thanks to his magnetic personality. There’s no way that club would be too huge for him to handle.

Van Gaal said of United on that “maybe it is too big a club” when he first arrived on MUTV. For business reasons as well as sporting ones. While it is necessary for me to adjust to life at such a prestigious club, I believe that the same can be said of Louis van Gaal.

Despite his distaste for the corporate machine, Van Gaal was able to spend £281.5m in just two years because of it. When adjusted for transfer market inflation, this expenditure exceeds £400 million.

United under Van Gaal was monotonous, turgid, and sideways despite all the money spent. While Van Gaal places the blame on his inability to sign the players he desired, the former PE teacher was actually treating his current roster like students. He attempted to engrave his strict ideas by crushing instinct.

“It wasn’t the right formula for Manchester United,” Meulensteen said to W88 Rezence. Players’ freedom of expression and creativity suffer as a result of his “very pragmatic” approach. That’s the complete antithesis of Sir Alex’s teams.

With a fourth-place result in his first year, Van Gaal was able to replace Moyes and lead the team to the Champions League. Nonetheless, he shared the same humiliation as his predecessor. One of United’s lowest points since Ferguson’s departure was their 4-0 humiliation at the hands of League One’s MK Dons.

Van Gaal’s lively press conferences were a welcome antidote to his otherwise sleepy demeanor. After being accused of playing long-ball football by West Ham manager Sam Allardyce, the Dutchman pulled Rafa Benitez and carried a statistics dossier to his next press conference to demonstrate why Allardyce was wrong.

United press secretary Karen Shotbolt, who was sitting next to Van Gaal, couldn’t hide her disappointment, and her pleasant grin quickly changed into a scowl.

Jackson argues with Rezence that “no manager who is in control of his team” would be required to take such a step. They were dull and he wasn’t getting any results. He had a lot of fans, but you can’t ignore United’s.

In Van Gaal’s second summer as coach, players started leaving en masse because they were unhappy with his tactics.

A British record transfer fee of £59.7 million was paid to bring in Argentine striker Angel Di Maria, however he only scored four goals before leaving for Paris Saint-Germain.

Marca tells on Vn88, “Van Gaal was the worst coach of my career,” he meant it. I’d put up points and help the team out, but the next day he’d show me where I’d thrown bad passes.

Later that summer, after boasting about signing a senile Bastian Schweinsteiger, Woodward would also have egg on his face.

He told W88 that the mere sight of Schweinsteiger’s name on the team sheet would cause fear among the fans. In a disappointing two years, the German would start just 13 league games.

In Van Gaal’s second season, tensions with the media grew as Woodward and the Glazers encouraged rumors regarding the coach’s future. The presence of the elephant in the room, Jose Mourinho’s availability, would grow as the team’s performance worsened.

Van Gaal will be remembered primarily for the success of Marcus Rashford that year. The local boy’s back-to-back doubles were a fairytale beginning to professional football, despite the fact that the 18-year-old was thrown into the spotlight because of an injury problem.

According to Rezence Vn88, with club record scorer Wayne Rooney leaving, United looked to the youngster as their new beacon of hope. In a 2019 interview with The Guardian, Van Gaal referred to Rooney as “over the hill.”

The Dutchman said on V88, “But despite that he was one of my best players,” emphasizing how dismal life was for him at Old Trafford.

Even though United won the FA Cup, Van Gaal was fired because the team did not make the cut for the Champions League. The day they partied it up at Wembley is the same day Woodward fired him.

In contrast to awards, cash was suddenly more valuable. As Van Gaal had feared, the commercial beast had devoured him and spit him out. That’s a hole you can’t dig yourself out of.

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