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Viralyft is a social media services provider. Check out our Viralyft review to determine if its the provider for you.

Viralyft review: Best social media services provider

In the present world of social media, online marketing has become an important aspect of business life. There are a lot of things that a person can do when trying to increase growth online through a third party. There are a large number of people today who know how the online business works and one of them is Viralyft. This site has been in operation for many years, and people around the globe have appreciated its services.

There are many sites that claim to offer the same services. However, not all of them can be trusted so easily. Viralyft on the other hand is a very reliable site which has numerous reviews online proving its authenticity. This is a company which will help you in various social media platforms. This means that they will cover Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Spotify, and other social media platforms.

Some people might claim that buying social media likes, followers, and views will not be beneficial. However, when looking at things more practically, it is almost always needed to increase your growth in any way possible. Here are some things you should know about Viralyft.

Viralyft for Facebook

Viralyft also provides you services for Facebook. Here you can buy a number of things ranging from likes, comments, views, and followers. There are a large number of packages which are available, that you can use for various Facebook services. 

For instance, you can purchase top quality likes for less than 20 dollars (500 likes for 18 dollars). At the same time your privacy is safe since you are not required to give your password. 

Viralyft for Instagram

Viralyft will also be able to help you with Instagram likes, views and followers. The pricing is again structured according to various plans as given by the website. You only have to pay for what you’re going to use, and you can buy Instagram likes, views, and followers separately. 

 For instance, for 100 followers you have to give less than 3 dollars, for 250 followers less than 5 dollars, and for 500 followers you have to give less than 7 dollars. Again, there is no need to share personal information and the process is completely safe.

Viralyft for YouTube

Viralyft offers another set of packages that are specially meant for YouTube. Here you can buy likes, comments, and views for YouTube, along with subscribers. They also give you some very cost efficient plans. For instance, you can get 100 YouTube subscribers for less than 100 dollars. 

They also ensure that they only give you the top quality subscribers you are able to give you active engagement on a daily basis. As in other plans you also have to buy every service separately. 

Viralyft for Twitter

Just like the rest of their services, Viralyft also gives you engagement for Twitter. Like the rest of the social media services, the twitter engagement is also highly affordable. For instance you can get 100 followers for less than 3 dollars, 500 followers for less than 15 dollars, and a thousand followers for less than 30 dollars. 

The services they offer are extremely timely and you can start seeing results within 72 hours. We definitely recommend trying this service as well. 

Viralyft for Spotify

Viralyft also covers musical platforms like Spotify. Here you can get spotify plays, followers, and other services. Viralyft makes sure that it doesn’t cover only a limited demographic. Instead it gives you followers from all across the globe.

 In case you encounter any problem while surfing through the website you can also get great customer support. You can get as much as thousand plays for less than 5 dollars, 2500 plays for less than 13 dollars, and 5000 plays for less than 25 dollars. 

Viralyft for Soundcloud

Soundcloud is another musical social media platform which is covered by Viralyft. Here the pricing offered is slightly more than that from Spotify. 

For instance you get a thousand plays for less than 7 dollars, 2000 plays for 12 dollars, and five thousand plays for 30 dollars. You only have to share your account link on soundcloud without disclosing any personal login information. The growth they provide is absolutely organic and authentic. 

Pros and Cons

  • They offer some very affordable prices as compared to their competitors.
  • They cover various social media platforms and ensure you get a wholesome growth.
  • They have excellent customer support which is available 24/7.
  • Their payment gateway is extremely safe and your money won’t get scammed.
  • They offer a global reach by exposing your content to a worldwide audience.
  • Some people claim that this is a fake website.
  • Sometimes the engagement they offer comes from fake, automated accounts.
  • In time the engagement they offer begins to decrease. 


Online marketing has been an important part of corporate life in today’s world of social media. When it comes to increasing online development from a third party, there are several options. Viralyft is one of the many people who understand how the online market works today.

There are several websites claiming to have the same resources. However, not every one of them can be believed. Viralyft, on the other hand, is a rather trustworthy website with many online reports confirming its legitimacy. This is a firm that can assist you with a variety of social media sites.  

Their working process is extremely safe and affordable. We recommend that you check them out today.

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