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Videvo is the perfect source for editing overlays

As social media has grown into more of an advertisement space than social space, content creators have more resources at their disposal than there ever was before. However, many of those resources come at a premium price and a higher barrier to entry has been created as a result. 

With Adobe’s recent acquisition of design giant Figma now joining their ecosystem, the time has never been better to seek out better alternatives. Luckily, Videvo has nearly all the visual resources that iStock and other picture based platforms would otherwise sell you for twice to three times as much. Let’s take a deeper look into all the things you can take advantage of now.

Humble mission

The creators at Videvo made their way onto the scene with a simple mission that has already begun making waves. “Videvo was created with one simple mission, to make stock footage more affordable, and in doing so empower creators worldwide to produce awesome visual content.” they proudly proclaim. 

Based in Oxfordshire in the UK, the Videvo team carries a humble origin story. One look at the homepage alone gives a strong sense of attention to detail and quality control not often seen in stock visual platforms. “Originally started as a free stock footage service, we’ve added sound effects and music tracks into the mix too, as well as an extended collection of 500,000+ premium stock assets.”

“We only work with a select number of trusted providers for our premium content, and we give each a bigger cut of the pie, so that earnings are not diluted across thousands of contributors.” they say. A crucial differentiator when discussing paying artists their true due. 

“By working with fewer, more well established contributors, we can also be sure that the content has been sourced responsibly and is safe to use,” they continue. “Furthermore, our content is provided in 1080p HD minimum resolution, and most of our content is now provided in 4K.”

Licensing relief

The Videvo team has a fresh take on granting the rights to use their material. “When it comes to licensing our content, simplicity has always been our main goal,” they say. “Our free video clips are licensed under our own Videvo Attribution License or Creative Commons 3.0, allowing you to use the content in a wider range of productions, even commercially.”

According to initial info on their website, licensing footage comes easy with every purchase. When you upgrade to a Premium plan, the license for free video and audio content is upgraded to Royalty-Free, meaning you no longer have to provide attribution to the author. Furthermore, Royalty-free licensing allows you to use the same clip over again in multiple projects, now or in the future, without having to pay for that clip again.

Tier-level perks

Even at the base level of entry, the team at Videvo makes sure you do not leave empty-handed. As a free user you’ll enjoy access to over 50,000+ free stock video clips and motion graphics, animated backgrounds , and hundreds of free sound effects.

“We source this content from trusted providers, as well as produce the content in-house, so you can be sure you are getting access to the best quality 4K and HD stock footage clips that are safe to use in your creative projects,” they explain. “If you choose to upgrade to a Premium plan, you’ll unlock access to over 500,000 premium stock assets with Royalty-Free licensing.”

One look at Videvo’s library and it’s clear that their specialty is overlays for edits. “Our extensive library of 500,000+ stock media clips is continuously growing, with new video clips, sound effects and music tracks added daily,” they recently shared on their front page. 

Although the team at Videvo are making a name for themselves with each passing month, that level of growth also means more hands on the job is increasingly necessary. Now, the team is opening up their offices to newcomers who want to grow alongside them. 

“Our dedicated team of in-house producers source this content from around the world, brining you a diverse and unique selection of free videos and sounds for your projects,” they say. “We are always on the hunt for new contributors, so if you have a passion for shooting great visual content we want to hear from you!”


What kinds of new features would you like to see from the team at Videvo? Let us know in the comments!

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