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More and more industries are using VR to create massively profitable new forms of content. Learn how you can get in on the ground floor of the VR craze.

How to make money using VR in your entertainment business?

Virtual reality devices transform the entertainment industry. Read our article to find out how your gaming, cinema, or music industry can benefit from VR.

How the Entertainment Industry Can Benefit From VR?

VR is productively used in many industries since benefits are too vivid. Adapting the latest technologies to your entertainment business is a must to meet diverse but already demanding customers’ expectations. VR devices are no more heavy, bulky and expensive machines. On the contrary, they’ve become means to improve education, employee training, health care, and entertainment fields.

The entertainment industry is the one due to which people smile, laugh, and break the monotony of their lives. Moreover, it resets our minds on how we interact with digital information. And VR devices complement this strategy at best, being a source of a new reality and associated emotions. Let’s have a look at how!

If you are into the entertainment business, you have no option but to adopt VR technologies. They keep your users, gamers, and viewers happy, thus increasing your sales. SmartTek team is highly interested in VR applications, so here are some examples of VR use the company proposes:

  • VR helps create new & customized gaming environments.
  • VR enhances the entertainment experience with games related to real-life scenarios.
  • VR amusement parks are the In-Thing and a great money-making opportunity.
  • People who would like to see the future or history can do so through VR games.
  • TV is one of the leading entertainment sources, and VR is revolutionizing watching it.
  • Mobile & video games offer immersive experiences due to VR.

VR in Gaming

In layman’s words, VR technology intends to create an illusion as if something is there when it really isn’t. It surrounds your entire field of view, giving the feeling of presence in another world. As observations show, people now want to immerse themselves in another environment that simultaneously boosts adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. No book or phone game can give this spectrum of emotions and feelings in a short period.

Besides, we all love to play games with very high resolution and textures. Games look even better if everything looks more realistic. And you will be impressed by how many people are ready to pay for this incredible pastime.

$1 MILLION in revenue ⎼ is the figure more than 100 VR games have exceeded.

Virtual reality games stand out from the gaming industry competition, and it is the main reason for such impressive profit you can also get. People want to pay for becoming VR ninja, soldier, or another type of defender.

You need some appliances and devices to start benefiting from the gaming business. Virtual reality headsets or multi-protected environments are used in standard reality systems. They ensure realistic images and sounds to create an illusion of a player’s physical presence in a virtual environment. And you can either create this game with developers or lease VR glasses or a VR room. It enables a player to move inside the artificial world, interact with virtual characters or items, and see the VR world.

VR in Film Industry

The movie industry is one of the biggest commercial fields in the world. Its main purpose is to give viewers an insight into how movies will evolve to be more fit for today’s technological expectations and captious audiences.

And these are not simple toys! VR film experiences are being recognized at ceremonies like the Academy Awards and Sundance Film Festival. In 2017, director Alejandro González Iñárritu, known for films like Birdman and The Revenant, was awarded a special Oscar for the best VR experience. He created a short virtual reality project called Flesh and Sand using immersion technology to let the viewers step into the shoes of immigrants and refugees.

It means that the VR experience is acknowledged globally, so you should not hesitate to add it to your movie business or, e.g., recreate an existing simple cinema into a virtual one in any location.

VR in Film Production

  1. Digital tools like virtual cameras create realistic camera movements to build multidimensional space, bringing the audience into the scene.
  2. Use virtual cameras to film photorealistic animals, setting up a local network of devices to walk among fauna representatives as if you were actually there.
  3. Artists should use virtual reality software to draw animation in three dimensions.

VR in Film Promotion

  1. Create a computer-generated video enabling viewers to get the audience ‘acquainted’ with the main characters during a walk.
  2. Order promotional videos filmed at 360° cameras to create an immersive experience and show trailers of action films with tricks in a new and exciting way.
  3. Create an interactive game based on movie scenes to place the viewer on, e.g., another planet.

Summing up

Virtual reality devices are intensively being implemented into industries, commercial businesses, and homes to make tasks easier and improved. There is no reason to restrain from this tendency. Of course, VR integration changes the process and requires additional expenses. But make sure this investment will pay off soon and bring impressed customers and financial benefits.

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