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Upload the cover Letter template on Google Docs with WPS Office

The use of an expert template can significantly improve your job application while producing a professional cover letter. You may create a captivating and practical cover letter with WPS Office’s range of carefully crafted cover card templates. 

After deciding and downloading the right design from WPS Office, the next step is to upload it into Google Docs templates for further customization and seamless sharing. In this post, we’ll walk you through the easy procedure of uploading the sample cover letter template google docs using WPS Office, making sure the application is distinct from other applications.

Part I: Selecting the perfect cover letter template for WPS Office

  1. The Open WPS Office: Launch the WPS Office application on your personal computer.
  2. Choose “Writer”: In the WPS Office home screen, select “Writer” to access the Word Processing tool.
  1. Then click “Download” on the to store the document’s file on your computer.

Part 2: Adding the front of the letter image to Google Docs

  1. 2. Produce a fresh document: is it Choose “+ New” from the menu.Open Upload Dialog, The new Google Docs document, go to the “File” menu and select “Open.”
  2. Select the template for your Cover Letter: The dialogue for uploading files will be displayed. Select the template for your cover letter, which you download from WPS Office on your computer.
  3. Reconfirm Upload Select the “Open” or “Choose” button in the dialogue for uploading files for confirmation of uploading the template cover letter into Google Docs.
  4. File Save: Once you’ve made the necessary adjustments then, click “File” and then select “Save” to save the personalized cover letter template to Google Docs.

Part 3: Further Editing and Sharing

  1. Share and collaborate: With the Google Docs cover letter template at your disposal, you can simply work with other individuals through circulating your document and granting them permission to edit or comment on it.

Download in Different Formats Users can download the cover letter template from Google Docs in a number of file types, including.docx,.pdf, and others. Simply choose the format you wish to download by clicking “File,” “Download,” and then “Download.”

  1. Availability anywhere You may view and change the resume cover letter sample from any internet-connected device because it is kept in Google Docs. Whether you switch between different PCs or devices, this allows you versatility and comfort.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cover letter template available that you can find in Google Docs?

A cover letter template from Google Docs is a pre-designed document that offers a well-structured structure for writing a cover letter.

Do cover letter templates available in Google Docs free to use?

Yes, templates for employment verification letter template are available in Google Docs and are free to utilize. Google Docs offers a variety of templates that include templates for cover letters at any cost.

Do cover letter templates included in Google Docs are compatible to Microsoft Word?

Yes, the cover letter templates within Google Docs are compatible with Microsoft Word.

Can I use cover letter templates in Google Docs on mobile devices?

You can download cover Letter templates to edit using your tablet or smartphone.

Do I have the ability to make use of cover letter templates within Google Docs for different job applications?

Yes, cover letter templates within Google Docs are adaptable and are suitable for a variety of job applications. You can alter the content and other details to customize the cover letter for every job posting.

Do the cover letters templates on Google Docs professionally made?

Yes, templates for cover letters are available in Google Docs and are professionally designed to give a professional and organized layout to your letter of cover. They will help you make an impression of professionalism to potential employers.


Downloading the cover letter template created by WPS Office to Google Docs gives you a powerful template that is professionally designed, as well as collaboration tools for editing. 

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