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What GPS do most truckers use

GPS systems are frequently used by car owners when traveling long distances. The systems designed expressly for commercial vehicles and the gadgets used by car owners differ greatly from one another. Using the best truck GPS systems has several advantages for independent drivers and fleet owners. Trucks have different navigational needs than standard motor vehicles, including those that car navigational equipment cannot offer. 

GPS is a crucial safety tool for truck drivers. The top trucking gps systems suggest the best path to transport truckers from point A to point B while helping them avoid highways that are not truck-friendly, such as low bridges and weight limitations. 

In this article, you may find tips and information on what GPS most truckers use.

Expensive Mapping or Mapping Details

Some of the most precise mapping systems that give truckers ideal routes when entering starting and destination information include Fleetmatics, Google Maps, and Rand McNally. Some tracking systems also allow drivers to zoom photographs to street level for a 3D view of roads and streets. Map features such as spoken street names and turn-by-turn directions are also possible. Some systems also provide re-routing information if a driver misses a turn.

The GPS device assesses the fuel costs for the travel for drivers or truck owners after creating a thorough truck route. Drivers can use their devices to plan routes with several stops or to save information about their preferred or starred routes.

Making Use of Approved Roadways

The maps and software that are included with automotive GPS units show the quickest and fastest routes between two locations. However, there are truck limits on numerous routes around the nation based on the vehicle’s height, weight, length, and cargo. Truck GPS systems use these details to plan routes. 

Owners of trucks and fleets need to enter the particulars of the commercial vehicle’s profile; the software takes care of the rest. Trucks are less likely to face low bridges or travel on roads with dangerous load, height, width, or weight restrictions in this way.

Numerous systems may also manage multiple truck profiles on a single device, allowing the GPS to be removed and utilized in various vehicles.

Features that assist drivers

Truck-related points of interest are listed in industry-specific guides on GPS systems created specifically for commercial vehicles. The book offers details on restaurants, hotels, rest breaks, truck stops, weigh stations, repair and towing services, and other helpful information when approaching or entering a location. Where am I? “The guide provides addresses and knowledge for medical facilities, law enforcement, and other emergency services, as well as GPS coordinates of the user’s present position.

Garmin dezl 780 LMT-S

Although it is unlikely to come as a surprise to those already well-versed in the field, Garmin has a long history of offering top-tier goods to the trucking sector. Garmin comes through not only to deliver an adequate alternative but possibly one of the best commercial solutions on the market when searching for a powerful GPS navigator with many capabilities that all appeal to a semi-truck driver specifically.

This GPS navigator offers the usual services, such as precisely describing your location and road conditions. Still, it also provides various additional capabilities that make it the perfect tool for moving heavy freight over long distances in a few days.

Rand McNally TND 740  

Two brands are closely associated with excellence when it comes to the best trucker navigation systems: Garmin and Rand McNally. These two manufacturers are known to truck drivers for offering premium features at competitive pricing. It wasn’t easy to decide which of these two brands was the better price when we compared them side by side. 

The TND 740’s selling feature is that it aids truck drivers in fuel conservation by selecting the quickest route. The ability to enter latitude and longitude information to identify locations and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity are additional glitzy features.

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