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One of the most used and most popular topics of the digital world is none other than ‘cryptocurrency’. How can you invest now?

6 Trending Cryptocurrencies to Invest

One of the most used and most popular topics of the digital world is none other than ‘cryptocurrency’. The topic of crypto is a subject in itself and has taken the world by storm. People are free due to this currency lockdown phase and have explored the digital world almost fully and as a result, the topic is trending. One of the causes of this topic to be on spot first in the trending list is due to the assumption of people it being a source of quick money. It being mere an assumption has led a potential share of the population to jump in the crypto pool to enjoy the lockdown without stepping out of their homes. 

The year 2021 was remarkable as far as the question of cryptocurrencies is concerned. Before, only a few cryptocurrencies were known to people. Moreover, some people believe that cryptocurrency and Bitcoin are the same things. But this is not true at all. If Bitcoin is a pastry, then cryptocurrency, is full cake. Now the question arises if crypto is a cake, then where are other pieces of pie? The answer lies in the digital world and in this article, we are going to let you taste some of the flavours of popular cryptocurrencies. Believe it or not, the cake is tasty, sugar-free, and good for health. Jokes apart, the crypto world has many cryptocurrencies apart from mere Bitcoin and this article is all about it. You will also know how are companies leveraging blockchain technology .

Ethereum (ETH)

It comes second both in market value and market after Bitcoin. It has the specific feature of smart contracts. In the present year that is 2022, it is believed that the coin is going to rule the market that too by storm. Moreover, its upgrade Ethereum 2.0 is expected to hit the market soon. The growth of ETH is good and it repays with great returns making it a second favourite and someone’s most favourite crypto coin.

Tether (USDT)

It is one of the stablecoin and is backed by a fiat currency that is the U.S. Dollar. As the word itself says, it is tethered to the fiat currency. Being a stable coin, its volatility is somewhat low and thus is preferred by those who fear market instability and volatility of the crypto world. It helps the investors to make the entry and exit smooth in the market.

Polkadot (DOT)

It is a token but its concerns are not just limited to tokens. It can handle blockchain transactions and can operate independently just like any other cryptocurrency. It allows relay chains and Para chains to work in parallel thereby offering economic stability and can become a famous cryptocurrency. 

Tron (TRX)

It used the platform of ETH to develop and is experiencing it again since then. It has a decentralized nature just like any other cryptocurrency and thus is beneficial to an investor just like any other crypto asset. It has the specific capability and features to directly connect music and video streaming content creators and make their content available at a reduced price.


A meme coin is now famous worldwide. It was introduced to give competition to Dogecoin which is another meme coin and is equally famous as it is. The price of SHIB is less but is considered a potential source of long-term investment. 

Bitcoin (BTC)

Better to say the crypto giant in the field of the crypto world. It is mostly used and mostly invested in crypto-assets and is leading the price chart as well as the chart of market share. The returns are though now not very promising as it is believed that the saturation phase might have arrived for it.

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