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If you are an ardent user of Twitter and are looking to increase your followers, you must create content that will attract your Twitter followers. Read tips to make impactful Tweets!

Ideal Tips to Express Your Thoughts on Twitter.

Twitter is a popular platform where you can share your thoughts with a wider audience base. As per 2021 statistics, Twitter has over 186 million users, but the fact is that not all the users are active; there are some inactive users that will not help you get new likes. So you need to find inactive Twitter followers and remove them. However, when you have only active followers left, the question – “what makes one tweet more engaging than others” arises.

If you want to make your Twitter account better and outperform others, it’s important to adopt the right tricks. So, here are a few helpful tips to make your Tweets more engaging. 

  •   Make brief and engaging contents

Avoid writing long tweets. It should be around 100 characters in length. Your post must be targeted to discuss just one idea rather than incorporating multiple thoughts in it, as it can lead to confusion. 

  •   Raise questions and conduct polls

Encourage interaction. You can post playful questions or ask about opinions about particular products or services. Questioning seems to be an appropriate means of communication with your customers. 

  •   Tweet in active hours

Ascertain when your audience is most active on Twitter and post suitably for higher engagement. Saturday and Sunday tweets get high responses.

  •   Spruce up your tweets

Videos have a more captivating potential as compared to audio. Make sure that you add relevant video clippings, images, GIFs, etc., to boost the performance of your post. 

  •   Encourage people to Retweets

Don’t hesitate to ask your audience to retweet. When you ask, the user is most likely to retweet. Don’t miss this golden opportunity. Simply say “Please retweet.”

  •   Use appropriate hashtags

Hashtags help you to broaden your brand awareness and participate in trending topics. Stick to a few hashtags that are relevant to your business and incorporate them for every Twitter post. 

  •   Keep your tone conversational

Use a conversational and friendly tone to build a rapport with the readers. They should feel that you are one of them. 

  •   Use question tweets

Since the primary objective is to engage the maximum audience, present them with unique content, especially questions.

  •   Make important announcements

These can be related to upcoming events, flash sales, product launches or even testimonials worth sharing. You can even share promo codes.

  •   Use links in Tweets

It has been observed that Tweets that contain links stand a better chance to be retweeted, so include links for better engagement.

  •   Avoid personal Tweets

Unless you are a celeb, it makes no sense to tweet about your personal life or daily routine activities.

  •   Watch your Tweet frequency

Don’t Tweet more than four times a day as it would result in low engagement.

  •   Share industry news or latest trends

This is one topic that interests everyone but ensures its accuracy.

Concluding thoughts

Twitter is a popular platform that can yield great results if used well. So, using the above-mentioned tips will help you engage a wider audience and better express your thoughts and opinions on Twitter. If you are struggling to achieve the target growth, then you may try to find out more options to get real Twitter followers faster.

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