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Traders Union Analysts Explain the Fidelcrest challenge

Traders Union Analysts Explain the Fidelcrest challenge

A Funded Trader Program provides traders with substantial capital to have adequate leverage to trade profitably. Once this is accomplished, the proceeds are divided equally between you and the Proprietary Firm.

The Fidelcrest Challenge is one funded program that allows traders to keep up to 80% of their profits, access up to $400,000 in buying power, and benefit from Fidelcrest’s risk management technology. It allows Traders to earn a funded trading account by passing a comprehensive evaluation.

Traders Union analysts explained the conditions of the Fidelcrest challenge.

What is the Fidelcrest Challenge?

The Fidelcrest Challenge is ideal for inexperienced traders. Traders who are just starting might look into the Fidelcrest Challenge stage. As a trader, you must complete the first step before proceeding to the next.

The Fidelcrest Challenge guidelines require selecting a risk level, account size, and bonus option. You will establish yourself as a skilled trader once you have completed all of the stages using the tools. You can choose your trading style but must follow through on it. After completing the first step of the Fidelcrest Challenge program, you will begin earning.

How to participate in the Fidelcrest Challenge?

Traders Union analyst explained that to participate in the Fidelcrest Challenge; you must exercise extreme caution in trading. Your trading pattern is entirely up to you. Because this is a micro trader program, you can choose a style that favors you and bring the difference accordingly.

You can start making money with any of the trading account sizes. There are two types of accounts available:

  •     Micro Trader Aggressive
  •     Micro Trader Normal

If you finish the task, you will be eligible for the Free Bonus choice in both stages. You can select the type of risk you wish to take and actively participate in the challenge.

Once you’ve obtained your account, you must achieve a profit target of 5% in Phases 1 and 2. The maximum number of trading days is 30. Your total drawdown should be no more than 10%, or you will fail the exam. You will complete the challenge within 30 days if you follow the criteria.

Stages of Fidelcrest Challenge

The Fidelcrest Challenge enables traders to obtain funding in a single step. However, the traders must carefully complete all of the phases when they demonstrate their ability to be skilled. Traders Union Analyst revealed the steps that will assist traders in becoming pros in the Fidelcrest Challenge:

Phase 1: Accept the Fidelcrest Challenge and meet the 5% profit target for Phases 1 and 2.

Phase 2: Get your funded account verified to start earning money.

Phase 3: This is the professional stage, where you will be entitled to a higher profit share.

Top 5 tips to pass the Fidelcrest challenge

Traders Union Analyst lists out some tips that might be useful to pass the Fidelcrest challenge:

  •     Never disregard any significant economic condition that may impact the market.
  •     Avoid always hedging because it does not provide 100% security.
  •     Do not exceed a daily loss of 5%.
  •     Please take caution when taking risks, whether they are aggressive or normal. Execute your deals in accordance with this.
  •     To avoid massive losses, learn emotional and psychological control.

Difficult with passing the Fidelcrest challenge

According to Traders Union, while the Fidelcrest Challenge benefits new traders, they may encounter some difficulties initially. Because the daily maximum loss limit is only 5%, traders may find it challenging to manage the risk ratio. Furthermore, many new traders will want assistance in order to attain the 5% profit limit within 30 days. Additionally, Traders Union recommends that new traders participating in the Fidelcrest Challenge focus on developing a disciplined trading strategy and honing their risk management skills to optimize their chances of successfully meeting the profit target while adhering to the strict daily loss limit.

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