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Can You Trace a Bitcoin Address?

Bitcoin used to send funds from one place to another using the Internet protocol address, in its early days. Devices connected to the Internet have their specific IP address.  Many people believe that bitcoin is a completely anonymous digital currency. Transactions made with bitcoin are virtually pseudo-anonymous. This method did its work, but then the same developers realized after a while that it was not completely safe. It is quite easy for a hacker to hold the funds and resend them to your device, which is known to all of us as a “man-in-the-middle” attack. The bitcoin address was born after the IP address method was completely enclosed. To know more about bitcoin trading you can visit

How does a bitcoin address work?

If you want to send or receive Bitcoin for someone, then you have to use a bitcoin address for it. Most wallets automatically generate bitcoin addresses with a single click. Talking about the bitcoin address means that we are talking about the public key, this is the key that is half of the asymmetric cryptographic key and the remaining half is the private key. The user uses the private key through the wallet and they sign a transaction, as the transaction is obtained by using these public keys on the other hand. 

The wallet software can obtain the public key along with the private key only after the use of cryptographic operations, i.e. it will be completely safe for you to share the public key. Also, be aware that if you share the private key, it may be at increased risk of theft, as someone with another private key can easily access your wallet and steal your funds. Is. Multiple public keys can be created through the wallet. The main reason for this is that by obtaining coins with the same public key, it becomes even easier to link the identity of the wallet to all those external observers.

Tracing a Bitcoin Address

There are some situations where it is easy enough to track a bitcoin address, but not everyone else:

Trace a bitcoin address without a VASP is difficult

Blockchain with advanced computer algorithms manages money flow analysis. Sophisticated software is used to analyze a large scale of data placed on the blockchain. Some companies potentially link the transaction to the user involved – even if there are dozens of wallets and addresses being used with the person in it. If someone tries to steal a large number of your bitcoins from the exchange, the first thing to do is to start with the wallet to hack, because when your coins are stolen those coins are only in one place at a time. they can be sent. Hackers send coins to many different wallets and they use many other methods to track them. If this means being able to identify the first wallet used for the hack, the stolen funds can be tracked in blockchain analysis companies. There are many ways by which users can easily trace their transactions.

Tracing bitcoin address through any exchange:

All users engaging with crypto exchanges are required to comply with its regulations, providing the user with one bitcoin wallet per exchange. The transactions done through the wallet are linked with the person who has registered the account. The public key address is used for every transaction that is done in it. Users access their exchange wallet for the public key, which can be used to view the blockchain data and every transaction at the time the address was sent.

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